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I'll never be as fast as some of those lycra monkeys bombing down the trail, not if I only rode light and fast, but I can go as long or longer than most of them without blinking an eye.
My lycra wearing status was confirmed in my own head when I read that as a challenge. LOL. 25 years of high level racing has made me annoyingly competitive.

At any rate, yes, the fatbike with different wheel sets is a great way to go. I love my Mukluk carbon for that reason.


Iif you wanted, you could easily replace a 4" or 3.8" wheelset with as big as 29+ wheel front and back and the frames with obscene offset starts to show its versitility.

Agree. If the Q-factor doesn't bother you (it has never bothered me), a second wheelset, dropper post, fork swap, bar swap, etc., can effectively net you several different virtual bike combinations without several actual bikes in the garage. Geo notwithstanding, this makes the fatbike platform (for me), super versatile. The only thing you can't add if you don't already have it is rear squish, but I don't miss it all that much for how I ride. Pair a fatbike with a good gravel bike (Salsa Fargo/Warbird/Cutthroat, Speccy Diverge, Lauf True Grit, Canyon Endurace, etc.) with the same swappy mentality and you have most every surface imaginable covered.

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