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So I finally broke down and pulled the trigger on my second Toyota a 1997 FZJ80. This one is a 1 owner with 100,000 miles. Super clean garage kept. This is one of the cleanest I have seen and once it came up I jumped on it. I will be Flying from Tampa out to Idaho Falls to drive it back on Friday. No better way to get to know a new rig then a cross country trip. I'll be looking for a place or two to hit some mild back country trails on the way back. If anyone is going out on something like that this weekend let me know. I will be open to suggestions. Also need to come up with name for her, hopefully we will figure that out on the way home.



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No diff locks but honestly for what they sell for in this condition they are not Worth it imo. A friend of mine has a full get up with axles, wiring harness, etc he will sell me for 1k for a swap. However I will probably just put in the ARB units since these axles are a bit stronger.


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I had front and rear ARBs in a Tundra and they were fantastic. Not sure where you plan to go with that 80, but unless you head for some hard core wheeling spots, it will amaze you even without lockers.


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When I got my 96 taco I ran without lockers and it taught me how to drive really well and pick lines. Once I added arb's front and rear it took things to another level. But since my 96 is my extreme use truck I do not have plans to push this cream puff. So I will probably put an arb in the rear at first since I will not be using the truck in rough conditions. My plan is to build armor and racks, set up for camping, 285 tires and small lift.

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It would be worth your time to hang out in Idaho Falls on Saturday for the 4th of July parade and the Fireworks that night. They do a nice job there celebrating independence day. Congrats on the 80! Looks great. I wouldn't be to worried about the lack of lockers. I did a lot of offroading in my '93 with no lockers and was always impressed with it and it got us through a lot of difficult trails that most people feel you would need lockers for.
I'm a bit jealous of the cross-country drive you'll get to do in it. I bought my '93 in Houston and drove it back to Utah. That road trip was a blast and a great way to get to know the truck.
I will be just down the road in Pocatello this weekend. On Monday I will head to American Fork, UT for some backcountry exploration in my Land Cruiser. Just look for a White F250 Crew cab pulling a trailer and my other half driving the dark green FZJ80 behind me.


Congrats. Not only did you get a very clean low mileage later model, you got a poverty pack one- cloth seats and no sliding rear glass windows. It does look like you have a sunroof though. I suspect that the original owner had this built to order from the factory.


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Congrats on the clean 80. That is an interesting trim package, I'd also guess it was a special order setup. :cool:


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Congrats on the clean 80. That is an interesting trim package, I'd also guess it was a special order setup. :cool:

Kurt your right it was a special order. It was ordered from Broadway Toyota in Portland Oregon. No 3rd row, no sliding windows in back and cloth. I have the original window sticker in the records book. It listed for a whopping $46,359.00 in '97! What's fun is going back in time to this vintage. I had forgoten all the little 90's details. Things like ashtrays in rear doors, rear gate with flip down logo over key hole and tail gate, and lets not forget the banging 9 speaker AM/FM cd cassete lol.

Looking forward to sinking my teeth into it. Going to start with A dual battery system and 2nd fuse block. Already have 2 Optima batteries waiting in the garage. Need to order a pass side tray and battery management system next. I need to add more 12v plugs and usb port in the front, middle and back. This will lay the foundation for the rest of the interior, electrical and accessoryr upgrades down the road.

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