Fishing / Fly Fishing Info. Requested for Panama City Beach, FL Area: Early November, 2020


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My wife is competing in the Iron Man Triathlon in Panama City Beach, FL on Saturday, November 7th. I have the opportunity to go in a few days early and/or stay a few days after. I have never fished in Florida and would like to get some time on the water, but don't know much at all about the area. I may be able to swing a day or two of guided fishing & I'd like to get some surf fishing in as we will be staying at a hotel on the beach. I'm also planning to bring my own gear as I have a little bit of everything, as long as what I have is appropriate. I'm not real picky about what I fish for or what gear I use, as I just love fishing of all kinds. That being said, I'm more into light line, catch & release type fishing & fly fishing.

I'll be spending some time perusing the internet, but getting first hand local knowledge is always better...

Any info. or suggestions on what to fish for and roughly where to go would be greatly appreciated.
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