Florida to Smoky Mountains to Arizona


Last summer, after driving a 1980 HJ45 Pickup from West Palm Beach, Florida in the Spring (to a mechanic), I flew back to drive the HJ to Arizona, where I live.
Instead of leaving from WPB, I drove it to Key Largo, where the friend I bought it from lives, and then back to Broward to pick up my nephew, Brian.
From there we headed to St. Augustine, Florida, then Boone and Banner Elk, North Carolina. We camped and headed to the Smoky Mountains, then Cherokee, and then to Arizona.
The engine governor is busted and we could only do 45 miles per hour tops, cruising mainly between 38 and 40mph.

The only bad part of the trip was when we got into Texas at night and, on a lonely road, a moron in a box truck tried to run me off the road. We then endured a hellish drive through 380 West in 100 degrees and winds of 50+ mph.

I documented the trip on video and its on my YouTube channel, with one video to go.

The HJ is currently at the mechanic at home. She made it to Arizona with no issues, but I discovered really messed up wiring which caught fire. So she's waiting to get rewired and then the restomod begins:

  • Insulation for the cab
  • Recaro seats
  • Modern Radio
  • A box on the bed with an ALuCab pop up
  • 5 Speed transmission
  • A turbodiesel, or may just a 1Hz (still seems better than the current H)
  • New paint job.
  • Other things to make it a mini camper

More videos will come to document those changes, as well as the expeditions to come.

The videos are at:



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She's a beaute! Can't wait to hear how the resto goes, and see her in action again.

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