For Sale 2017 Fuso FG

Plumb Bob

Located near Rogersville, Missouri, 65742
Purchased new December 2018
@ 6000 miles
Warranty reads "36 months from purchase regardless of mileage" I assume it transfers with sale.

Flat bed 2" square tube over 2x4" rectangle tube, 3/4 T&G treated decking 119 long x 87" wide, frame rails extended 16" bolted on and removable
Spare tire/ generator nook 12 X 87"
Sleeper cab/ dog habitat 1" SIP panels FRP both sides, treated plywood floor with rubber bed liner, rubber roofing over treated plywood roof 45 X 86 X 41"tall, 4 bolts removes sleeper, @ 150 lbs
sleeper has 12VDC & 120VAC LED lights and plugs, lockable paddle latch, 3 operable windows with screens

Mobile Eye system
Kenwood player with Sirius and rear view camera
Cab has been sound insulated
3 range heated seats driver and passenger
12VDC center counsel with USB ports, Blue Sea fuse block powers extras
Trailer brake controller
Rear receiver hitch folds up under bed
Front receiver hitch
Folding rear step, slot under bed for 10' ramp
Aluminum underbed tool box with lockable latch

Truck weighs @ 7940 lbs with 1/2 tank fuel

Price $42,500.00 with bed and sleeper
$39,750.00 as cab and chassis with bed removed


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Plumb Bob

I found 12- 15mpg is the range. More load and pushing wind with the camper on gets around 12mpg. On the highway as a flatbed 15 is about average running 60- 65 mph.


New member
Thanks for getting back to me. Why are selling it so soon? What kind of camper and how did you attach it to the flatbed? Aaron

Plumb Bob

A number of reasons for selling. We had hoped to be back in the mountains of Utah by now where millions of acres of playground are out our back door. That plan is on temporary hold.

Vehicle- wise you need to know they are noisy, at least this model year. Engine, fan, wind, tires the price you pay in a flat nosed truck where you sit on the engine. I mitigated 80% of the noise, at least to the point of being able to have a conversation with a passanger.

It's a climb up into the beast.

Better seats, and spring upgrade, maybe plusher tires would no doubt help the ride. A thick gel pad helped a bunch :)

When loaded it could use more hp if you want to run with todays traffic on the interstates. If you can live with 60 and enjoy the scenery and ignore the 80 mph" in a hurry" crowd...
Secondary and off road seem the best path for this truck. Empty it runs 70 mph easily, no downshifting and fairly fuel efficient. Larger tires may help top end, but not a true substitute for additional ponies.

On the farm here it has been an excellent truck, 20 feet long, 15' of bed, tough to find that in any other vehicle. Excellent turn radius for a 4wd 20' long, incredible visibility every direction.
Super simple to work on the engine, really any part of the drivetrain. Easy to spot in the parking lots :)

Handles weight just fine, 14,500 GVW give you plenty of cargo capacity. I have only needed 4wd a few times and it goes like jack the bear.

People, even gals stare at this truck constantly and most every time I park I get questions and comments.

Odd that engineering did not Americanize this truck and market it better, it is a one of a kind truck. Corporate must have lost interest, and the numbers $$ were not there for the US market I suppose.

If you can live with these quirks this is one heck of a bargain for essentially and brand new, diesel, 4wd, 14,500 GVW, go most anywhere, factory warrantied truck.

Camper is homebuilt SIP construction, bolts to flatbed at 4 corners. I built a lift next to the shop to lift it off and slide a yard trailer under it. Takes 25- 30 minuted to load or unload.
I will probably keep the camper, build a road worthy trailer for it and some toys and shop for a pick up or van.

Did a factory tour at Quigley a few weeks back, I should write a story on that. Quite a yard full of great conversions. A 4wd van conversion could be in my future.


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Thanks, for getting back to me and giving some knowledge the rig. This will be my adventure rig purchase, so I'm trying to do a lot of research to figure the best rig for my lifestyle. Just so you know I'm looking at a couple possible options for a adventure rv. Good luck with getting back to Utah(it's a beautiful place for sure). I will let you if I have anymore questions? Thanks again, Aaron

Plumb Bob

You are wise to do some leg work to come up with the best match. I've spent a lifetime, over 50 years and 40 trucks looking for the perfect, most reliable, dual purpose truck.
I'm still searching :)

Make a list of pros and cons on all the choices, that is my approach. Without test driving in all the conditions there will some guess work and possibly lowered expectations.

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