FORD 4x4..E450..2017/2019..CUSTOM RV..PRICE DROPS 1K A WEEK.


$85,000.. PRICE WILL DROP $1000 A WEEK.
Price drops every Monday....
Thinking about the islands for next winter.

** The price drop starts Aug 8th 2020**
MORE pictures have just been added on page 3....

I’m all in on the sale now.!!!!

Hello, I built this rig to ski and explore the western mountains. It has the V10 engine, 36,000 miles.

Still under Ford factory warranty.....

The coach build was done in 2019.

PASS THROUGH Door from cab to coach.

Some of the features..

**levelers** Equalizer brand and installed at the factory.

Diesel coach heat with custom 9 gal tank. ** Dec 7 th in Granite Falls WY...8degs in the am, we burned about .75gal in 14hrs.**

**4x4** conversion by Advanced Four wheel drive. High and low range. Lever is beside drivers seat.
Manual locking warn hubs.

Propane 2 burner propane stove.

Custom built dinette table with 5 types of wood.

The table and bench seats are built on top of a 7" raised platform. This contains 5 pairs of snow skis.

Natures head toilet. Very pleased and would install 1 again. Black tank....... forget about it.
SO MANY similar rvs, van builds etc. use a cassette toilet. We heard a lot of complaints on the frequency of having to dump and the smell.

**Dedicated shower**. Not a wet bath where you get water all over's a shower stall with copper pan.

Round and deep stainless kitchen sink. Pull out spray wand on faucet.

All plumbing is pex with brass fittings. Except going to the pump from tank.
Water line goes straight up into coach from the insulated and heated water bay.. the 12v pump and all remaining lines are located in the coach. Kitchen sink and shower are back to back.
Both water lines have dump valves for quick drainage. There is only about 10ft of pex for the entire water system.
Unique and simple design for only 1 J trap for sink and shower. Plus the J can be removed and reinstalled quickly should freezing accure.

Domestic Fridge 12v and 120v

33 gal fresh and 33 gal gray water tanks.
Thermaheat.. heating pads on both tanks. They maintained 41 degrees with outside temp at 2 degrees.
This tank bay is also spray foamed then the tanks have 1/2" tuff-r ridge foam against them on 4 sides.

SO... I have **FULL** use of my water system for sink and shower... AT 0 degrees.

Propane ventless and tankless water heater. Works like a champ.
I don't heat nor maintain hot water unless I need hot water.

We use about 1lb of propane a month for cooking and showers.

Insulation .. Spray foam was professionally installed, Walls R-16+. Ceiling R- 25+. The foam is amazing, the r value is way above hard board or bat ins. **NO air leaks**.
Insulation .. floor is 1" Tuff-R- @8.

Generator - Cummins/Owan 2800 Gasoline fueled from Main fuel tank.

Hard wired and mounted EMS for incoming 120v.

Wired for roof top ac.

Aluminum roof rack system installed for addition of solar, kaiaks, etc.

Automatic transfer switches from gen or shore power.

Therma-pane windows with screens. These are an upgrade from 70% of rvs out there.

Bed is a queen and is raised and lowered via a 12v winch. 1x4 slats underneath let the mattress breath.

Convection oven 120v.

2 in floor aluminum storage boxes 23" x 23" x 13" deep.

Bilstein shocks..blah, blah, the list goes on..

Inside storage..... built for either a KTM 500 EXC or BMW GL 1200 or similar. 2 mountain bikes are also stored inside... NONE of bikes are included in sale. I like my stuff inside to keep them clean and with little chance of theft.

No bumper mounted boxes needed.

***The MOBILITY of this rig is amazing and has frankly caught me by surprise.***


Not found 1 that can carry 5 pr of skis, dirt bike and 2 mtn bikes. Has a usable shower and sink at 0 degrees, plus all these amenities.

Call or Text me if your interested. If I miss you I'll call or text u back ASAP.


Reason for selling... 39 yrs of snow skiing, Now looking at island cruising next winter.

DEPARTURE ANGLE... is far less than most class C rigs.

WHY wait a year to have 1 built ?? ... Buy mine and take your trip THIS YEAR.

Make me an offer... we have our eye on a boat.

Thanks for looking.

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Hello, Snobox is now in Steamboat Springs. Will probably be here for 10 days if anyone wants to see it.


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Can't believe you're selling her. Full disclosure I've watched this rig being built from the beginning idea of a winter/cold weather self contained unit.
Seller has spent countless hours researching systems ect, with equal build time and quality. Best of luck with your sale and look forward to hearing of your adventures when you return home.


Hello from... Jackson Hole WY.
We are getting more accustomed and learning new things about Snobox most every day.
What stands out is... MOBILITY.... I can park on main streets here in Jackson.
If I had a trailer or larger rig...I'd have to get an Uber ride back to town.
More Later.


Snobox is now in Bozeman MT. Big Sky for a few days.
Crossing the Teton Pass Dec 9th with 4x4 or chains required.
People did double takes seeing her go funny.
Did I mention ...MOBILITY.... wow.IMG_20191208_145859.jpg

Had to say GOOD BYE to Jackson Hole......15 to 30 bucks to park /not camp at the mountain a day... see ya.

Plumb Bob

what a great build, exactly what I have in mind, both the vehicle and life style :). What is the OAL? What kind of gas mileage?


Hello Plum Bob, Thank you sir. OAL is just shy of 24ft. Max width is mirrors. Height 11' 6" as long as it's flat on approach and departure. As I mentioned before the mobility has surprised me. In and out of gas stations, 1 lane roads and ski slope parking lots which may be the most challenging. Very close to driving a long bed 4 dr pickup. Gas milage... It's taken me a few thousand miles to realize I'm driving a house. Plus I don't have a schedule. Finally got this in my head.... I'm finding if I drive 63 - 70 this gives me 7 to 9. Head wind and hills need to be considered. In speaking with other drivers this seems to be the going numbers. Not great but, when you figure no motel cost, always a place to stay and the locations... For instance Valley Of Fire SP in NV ( beautiful at sunrise and set.... it doesn't have a motel / hotel / abb. It aint bad. Thank you for the question.

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