Four Wheel Camper ‘Project M’


Truck Camper magazine has an article on Project M. No rear door/tailgate delete. However maybe an option. Still a really cool idea. Looks like it will retail for $8,000-$9,000.

I was told the tailgate delete option would not be available
i saw one down at the expo east on the white 3500, negative on barn doors which is too bad,I talked about that with them.Hit my head climbing in but in sitting in the bunk (me being 6') i had some headroom whereas in ,say the hawk, I was hitting my head.
i've been looking at f150 payload to see if that would work out.


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I also saw this at Expo East. I liked it a lot for simplicity and weight, especially with considering a Tacoma and it's payload issues. I do want to see more pictures with options and weights. My next build pretty much has to have a furnace.


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Here is the one from Expo East on the Ram with the tailgate open. Lots of room inside.



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Love this camper! Light and customizable based on the scenario. I like that it can be a shell, but I can load it up with a modular "everything plus a kitchen sink" when I want to.
Just took a peek at the project M on their website and was bummed to see it only had options for the f-150 from 2004-2014. Is this just due to the wide tailgate? any update on if these will ever be available for the 15+?


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Don’t like that they’re not really fitted to individual trucks and just use the “shelf” to adjust. Heard that they’re also using spacers on the cab side to adjust for differing lengths. Cool product, but OVRLND does it better IMO.


I went and visited FWC to replace my GFC. It seemed like one guys spearheaded the design and hadn’t quite figured out the kinks. Will probably be ************ once it’s all said and done but it didn’t seem complete. I ended up ordering the new Atlas from AT Overland. Seemed to be the perfect balance between the GFC and a FWC.

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