Freaking COVID vs adventures grrrrr!!

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Really hope this latest infection trend doesn’t shut stuff down again. But close friends in respectable jobs are all basically ringing the warning bell to their friends that its more of a shut down due to no staff to keep things going.. Ahhh!! Freaking hell..

Be careful out there guys/gals. You might be safe from COVID but you might be unable to get medical care in an emergency due to over run medical facilities and staffing shortages. Close doc friends are all saying that non COVID medical needs are seriously impacted now simply due to staffing shortages with staff being sick. Not counting the loads of sick COVID patients walking in the door..

Effing hell I feel like just when we can start adventuring again there are new issues (Covid) related that probably should weigh heavily on how or were we want to adventure…

Stay safe out there!! Maybe avoid the “hold my beer” moments for a while till we know if ER capability is there if you need it.


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I'm not changing anything.. period!

Live life, you never know when it's gonna be over (nice way of saying you might be dead tomorrow)
Yeah sticking with my “safe” activities where I have resources if I need them. Vs any “hold my beer” ideas especially when in places where resources are thin to zero.
If I didn’t have young kids depending on me my range of comfort might be much larger.


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Omicron won’t shut anything down, bureaucrats will. We have been biz as usual since kids went back to school in August 2020, so hopefully our overlords won’t slam us on the federal level.
Back to my post the shut downs are lack of people to operate not GOV forced shut downs. Very different issue!!

Schools will not revert to home school zoom unless staff shortages due to sick staff force closure. School by school basis only. Yeah I have kids in public school. So far our district has been really proactive and parents have been following social contracts and testing procedures and we haven’t had any issues.

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Sorry if I didn’t read correctly. We just haven’t had those issues. Hope you all don’t either.


My wife works at a hospital. They estimate 25-30% of the employees have Covid. They are telling employees with minor symptoms to still come to work and they are giving out $1000 bonus for every 12 hours of over time worked per pay period. I would try to avoid hospitals but I did that before Covid. I'm still mountain biking, hiking, and camping. If the stupid snow would improve I would be split boarding to!
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