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In your opinion, who makes the best fridge slides at the moment? I just need it to come straight out, I don't need a tilt feature on this vehicle. I know that the 4Runner will become my daily so I would like to go ahead and prep for a slide in the cargo area to mount a SnoMaster fridge/freezer. Tembo Tusk, FrontRunner, who else? Thanks for the help!


Make your own using one accuride heavy duty lock in lock out slide and some aluminum angle stock. This will be less expensive, lighter weight and better functionality than any of the commercial options.


I've a set of Fulterer slides that lock both open and closed. I'm very happy with the quality and functionality. They were spendy, but the value seems positive from my experience so far. I know these aren't 'fridge slides' per se, but you could easily build a tray to contain/hold a fridge.

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I was leaning towards Frontrunner, heard some good things about TemboTusk as well but boy are they proud of theirs.


i've seen the Dometic, ARB, and Frontrunner in person. ARB is quite solid, the Dometic works just fine but seems a little cheap, the Frontrunner looks and operates very nicely. i don't have any long term experience though on any of them except a friend has the ARB and it's still solid and rattle free after a few years of use.

i chose to make my own in order to minimize the space it used up (made it fit exactly to my specific fridge & desired location).


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A lot could depend on the loaded weight of your fridge and how often you are planning on using the slide.
I have a big NL fridge/freezer and load the hell out of it. The Tembo slide is very heavy duty and handles it easily. Imagine there are others such as Front Runner that will do the job at a more reasonable cost.

Curtis in Texas

On my 93 Rodeo I put down a 3/4" plywood floor (the black floor) then bolted a 36 inch heavy duty drawer slide I bought online from cabinet supply company. They are rated at 500 lb capacity. I also built a slide tray ( the oak stained part) to strap my Edge park freezer on. It works well and I used a simple slide bolt in the vertical to act as a retainer.

The black plywood is bolted to the floor using the 4 cargo hook bolts. I just used longer bolts and kept the cargo hooks in the same place. This gives me a solid floor to bolt a cabinet down on and it will all unbolt with the 4 cargo bolts.

Hope this helps give you some ideas!


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