FS/FT/NJ: E350 4x4 Quadvan, 5.4 gas. SOLD



Short version: Reliable, turn-key, comfortable, go anywhere 4x4 van. $39.5k

War and Peace version:

I purchased this van here on the forum back in Summer. We flew out and drove it home from WA to NJ in August... I spent about a year looking for the right van: Gas engine, 4x4, actual seating for four. I'm listing it now for two reasons, most importantly because my wife won't drive it ("I hate vans") and secondly because I've accepted another work assignment that means I'll be postponing retirement for yet another year. The compromise we've reached is that we've agreed to get a full-size pickup as our adventure / weekend warrior rig.

Original Listing:

E350 4x4 Quadvan - SOLD | Expedition Portal

Features of the build:

  • -Quadvan 4x4 conversion based on F350
  • -Dual Bilstein shocks
  • -Front ARB Locker
  • -Rear Sterling 10.5” (F350) axle
  • -Dual steering stabilizer
  • -Updated to the later F450 brakes

Replaced engine and transmission (swap also done by Quadvan)

  • -5.4l and 4R75E Engine/Transmission from a 2013 E350 with about 26k miles. The van body has just under 222K miles with the replacement engine being installed just a few thousand miles ago.

Exterior upgrades:

  • -Quadvan front brush-guard with in bumper winch (Warn M12)
  • -Quadvan rear in-floor storage box
  • -Aluminess rear bumper with swing aways and box
  • -Aluminess side steps/nerf bars
  • -46 gallon Transfer Flow fuel tank On-Board air system for locker, tires

  • -Quad captains chairs (rear removable) Rear bunk system
  • -Rear storage cabinet
  • -Flooring with L-Track
  • -Webasto furnace plumbed into fuel tank
  • -Dual batteries with National Luna charge system Inverter
  • -Charger
  • -ARB refrigerator
  • -Kenwood indash stereo with CarPlay option
  • -Security system
  • -New house battery

I've addressed the following maintenance issues since driving the van home:

The following parts were replaced or serviced:

Inoperative fuel gauge: Dropped fuel tank, found fuel pump spot welds had broken and sender was lying in the bottom of the tank. Replaced fuel pump assembly

AC not working: Recharged and serviced.

Rear brakes seized: both rear calipers replaced.

Front and rear brake lines replaced.

Front blower motor fan cage broken: replaced blower motor.

Rear on-board air conditioning inop (leak in rear line): Lines replaced and system now works.

On board air compressor inop: wiring replaced, system no works.

Keyless entry inop: all wiring replaced and system now works.

New house battery and all wiring and terminals replaced / updated.

New custom HD coil springs and leaves to replace the tired originals.

Full fluid service to include differentials (flushed and cleaned) all greasable parts greased.

As you can see, nothing earth shattering or unexpected for an 18-year-old van. As you'll see in the original listing, the motor is a low mileage replacement from a 2013 van, and it ran flawlessly all the way home. I have a feeling that if the AC had worked and the suspension hadn't been so worn out, my Mrs. wouldn't be digging her heels in over driving it, but such is life. I'm listing this and my Raptor at the same time (I need a longer bed). If the Raptor sells first, I'm going to try and keep the van a little longer and try to get my wife to fall in love with it. That said, it's for sale or trade right now.

Trades: Full sized pickups, sorted Land Rovers / Landcruisers and I also like adventure bikes, mountain bikes, rifles and Swiss watches (worth mentioning). Please note that the roof-rack is no longer on the van. My long-term plan, as mentioned, was a high roof. The short-term plan was to put some Frontrunner cross bars and a nice clamshell RTT up top. It seats four adults safely and comfortably and that would make it a four sleeper.

Pictures are from our trip this Summer from WA to NJ (via the Redwoods, San Clemente and the Rockies):



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We live 45 minutes from EWR or a 45 minute ferry ride from NYC. Fly in and drive to Baja...

I forgot to mention that I'll be including $1300 worth of new custom insulated window covers that just arrived from Overland Adventure Gear. I had these for my Sprinter and they turn a van into a private and cozy oasis.

Overland Adventure Gear

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Snow on the Roof
So you purchase a van in WA state (where I Iive), drive it to NJ, where you finish repairing all remaining issues with it, and then the wife says NO! Now I should make you an offer you can't refuse and drive it back to eastern WA in the middle of the snowiest winter we've had in years. Then my wife not only will say NO!, she'd say &^^%$# NO! She just bought a very expensive puppy and has decided to hole up for a couple of years. Guess it won't work for me.

I wish you the very best and hope it sells immediately. Looks exactly like what I want.

The old Fart


You nailed it. To be fair to her, she held in her dislike of vans until the day after we got home. So she was a good sport about all the boondocking, crossing the Mojave with no AC, running out of gas on an interstate in Missouri (my fault…) and so on. She’s the first to admit she’s been spoiled by our Raptor.

I still intend to psy-op her into falling in love with it if it doesn’t sell.


Snow on the Roof
Just to clarify something in your ad; can the roofrack be re-installed? How about the awning and light bar that seem to be attached to it?


The rack and attachments have gone to a new home. I’ve decided that full length roof racks are overkill for me. I never use the real estate they provide. If I keep it and don’t get around to the high roof, the plan would be to fit cross bars and an RTT. The awning was great and I’d certainly add another. I figured I might try and wrangle a batwing style unit up there.


While walking on the beach this morning my CFO informed me that she would be happy to drive a Tacoma… so I’ll add well sorted Tacos to the list of potential trades (6ft bed and four doors). Bonus points if it already has a GFC installed: I’m probably dreaming, but you never know.


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While walking on the beach this morning my CFO informed me that she would be happy to drive a Tacoma… so I’ll add well sorted Tacos to the list of potential trades (6ft bed and four doors). Bonus points if it already has a GFC installed: I’m probably dreaming, but you never know.

There’s literally one for sale at the top of the posts.


This week we’re getting custom coils and springs made for the van; to replace the tired old ones it came with. I think we’ll it drive down to Florida and back, in Jan or Feb to break them in and get some sunshine.
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Nice looking van.

- Do you have info on when the van was converted to 4x4? At what mileage?
- Any info at what vehicle mileage the engine/trans was replaced?
- How many miles since engine/trans replacement?
- Current vehicle mileage?

Thanks in advance.


Hi and thanks,

- The van was purchased by Dave in 2005 and I believe Quadvan did the 4x4 conversion shortly after that.
- The doner engine was a 2013 E350 with 26k on the clock.
- I'd guess there is between 40k and 50k on the new setup but that's only an estimate
-There is somewhere around 230k on the clock

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