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Anyone have this? I doubt that I would ever use this, I seldom listen to the radio in my truck. I like it quiet. But I just remembered that both of my sons are likely to borrow my truck/camper, and they will definitely want tunes at night.

I'm sure all they would want is something to plug their ipod into. Does the FWC stereo option allow this? Since the radio and CD player are not needed, are there other options you folks are using?
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Just get one of those portable speaker sets you can dock an Ipod into. I'd not waste the money or installation space for putting a stereo deck/speakers in a camper, esp. one this small.


I use an iPod speaker as well. Installing a deck and speakers would cut down on valuable storage space in the cabinets. The iPod speaker sounds pretty good in the small space (I use a dual-speaker JBL) and it all packs away compactly when not in use.


Yes, I agree. Just get a portable stereo. Also, that means your sons can have it outside while lounging around near the camper. I have the old version of this iHome Stereo and must say it rocks. Great for in or out of the camper. Lithiom Ion battery lasts about 8 hours blasting tunes.....


Yes, the stereo we use in the FWC's does have the "aux in" port for plugging into.

But if you are not going to use the stereo, I would think your kids can just bring a set of the small portable speakers for their Ipod.

Simplier & cheaper for you to make them use some portable speakers.




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we have one of these from Kicker and let me tell you, it kicks ***! Not to say we are always rocking it out, but when your on the beach or in the desert and want to hear some tunes, it is nice to be able to play some music and maybe even loud. It is great to be able to put it away, or outside, or not bring it. Usually it sits atop our fridge pushed back. Powers/charges/plays the iphone and others. not the cheapest by any means, but plays real, accurate music with nice bass. Has ac/dc capabilities- huge bonus



i use computer speakers for playing pandora off my droid at home. might be a viable multi-use option.


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I have it on my new Raven and glad I got it. It's also nice having the Raven wired in case I ever want to upgrade. Sound is good and it does have an aux input. My wife and I watched a movie on my Ipad which I plugged into the aux. Sounded great.One less thing to pack since it's permanent. Plays MP3 CD's as well



no battery supply. it has to be plugged into power- in my case a dc socket and powered by my solar panel


my review would say "totally rocks my pop-top truck camper and runs off my dc powered solar panel perfectly" :)

ah ok, I was confused about your statement using it at the beach and desert - so you mean in your truck. So if I have a FWC camper with solar I can plug into one of the 12v sockets?


ah ok, I was confused about your statement using it at the beach and desert - so you mean in your truck. So if I have a FWC camper with solar I can plug into one of the 12v sockets?

Yes, solar not required, of course. But nice to be indefinitely off the grid.

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