Gen3 Montero replacing both headlights - tips?


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2006 gen3 Montero

I bought these after market headlights off ebay and they look nice.

They claimed to be glass but are all plastic. I have yet to see how good to included "bulds" (bulbs) are.

Nothing fancy but the wife wasn't happy with the restore the originals results.

Does anyone have any tips that would be helpful in the removal and replacement of both headlights?

I looked in the FSM and they talk about removing 1) and 2) in the diagram below.

They also confused me with comments about having to remove electronic componants -- really?



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1) Pop the hood.
2) One bolt on the top of the headlight is easily visible and removeable.
3) Remove the grille which is held in by a few clips. You can release the clips with a flat head screw driver from the top of the grille. A bit difficult to explain but just push the tail end of the clip down/left/right, depending on orientation and they should release tension.
4) Two bolts for each headlight should then be visible.
5) Remove plastic fasteners on the forward side of the fender liner (wheel removal not required). Remove enough of the push pin fasteners as needed to get to the back of the headlight. Start along the fender edge and move inboard, as needed, depending on the size of your hands and amount of access needed. Not uncommon for the plastic push-pin fasteners to break due to age.
6) Remove the nut on the back of the headlight.
7) Remove headlight and unplug the 3 connectors.
8) Reverse order for installation. Note: there is likely an alignment pin on the headlight that aligns with a small hole on the fender. Take care when installing as it isn't uncommon to break this pin if you're not aware of it (doesn't cause any real issues but does aid in aligning gaps.


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Thank you for the excellent feedback and steps. I'm still on step#3 but just being careful as those plastic clips to pop the grill look a bit fragile.


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My 2002 Montero XLS has a nut on the rear like the diagram shows. Getting my hand in the wheel well / fender liner was the toughest part.. My replacement headlamps came with small clamps/clips which had to be removed prior to install. 2 of the clips holding the grill in place needed to be reused from the old headlamps.


Here's a video on how to remove the Grille, from there you just unbolt the 3 bolts on the top of each headlight and one from the inside of the fender behind the splash shield.

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