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So...finally decided to pull the trigger on some coms for my 3rd gen. I picked up a base, and two handheld gmrs radios. I'm looking for a place to mount the base unit, and have been thinking about pulling the ashtray out. Has anyone here done that? Would appreciate ant photos of location other than there as well. I do realize that I'm supposed to acquire an operators license, I'll be doing so shortly:cool::cool:


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I can't help for your specific idea, but I'm almost done mounting a HAM, GMRS and some fixed mount NAV stuff in the van. It took a bit more planning than I initially thought it would. It was super helpful to temporarily place everything and see how it would work out first. I quickly realized that I would have to make some compromises once I started thinking about how/where I was going to run power & antenna cables. We also ended up moving some stuff around based on providing sufficient air flow around the base units, ease of use and ability to see the screens in sunlight.


What did you buy as a base unit?

I installed mine behind the dash just right of the instrument cluster with Velcro. I then got a extension and plug for the mic and placed it in the little cubby under the cigarette lighter.

I still haven’t found a decent place for the mic in my setup. I have a magnetic mic holder. Just looking for a spot.
I have a 99 so I have the newer center console.

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What radio are you going to use? We have 2 midland mxt 275. In my wife’s 4Runner we mounted the base in the tissue box and ran a splitter and 2 outlets to either side of center console. So if she is alone she can plug in her side. If I’m with her it can plug in passenger side. In my tundra I mounted it underneath center console and ran a plug to passenger side. That way we can remove handpiece when not in use. Here is pics of mine. 65DFE2E9-7941-45E0-8670-94B9745E0C80.jpegC287446E-9553-41B1-A295-05DFC2967B60.jpeg


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After researching & saving some $$$ for a while, I ended up going with the Yaesu FTM-400 XDR for the HAM & the Midland MXT 400 for the GMRS. Mostly based on the recommendations of those who know a whole lot more about this stuff than me. I've got a 2011 Ford E350 Econoline "Sportsmobile'ish" van, making my installation considerations (mostly avoiding engine heat) a bit more challenging. I should have everything completed in a week or so & I'll post some pics then.

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