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My wife and I are about to start an adventure to Alaska Canada and the lower 48 US states that will hopefully be the precursor to a Central and South America expedition in a year or so.

We realise that this has been done by a few people in the past! We are not reinventing the wheel and will be taking lessons from various bloggers on here and elsewhere, notably Adventrouspirits, UNURBAN, Ruined Adventures, Pan Am Notes etc and I thank you all for going first and telling us about it.

We leave Brisbane, Australia, tomorrow and fly to America to pick up our vehicle and camper and head north.

The 1998 Dodge Ram 2500 was bought over the internet, after much research and an extended search along with many skype calls. It was located in Pennsylvania and we plan to be with family in Nevada prior to depatrure so we have tried to get the car across the country with a carrier, so far with out success. This is an industry with many players and some interesting practices that we are working our way through. We will give them another day or two then it will be time to bite the bullet and go and get it ourselves.

We also secured a Four Wheel Camper in Georgia that is being delivered by the owner to his home in Seattle, Washington, for us to collect later in July.

All things going well we should be on the road to Prudhoe Bay by 22 July

There are some logistical problems to overcome but we have started. We will attempt to keep this updated at least weekly, and there will be photos!

Ross and Jenny



Itinerary is set in jello so far as the start date is not quite nailed down.

Basic plan is to hug the coast northbound until in Alaska then head for Prudhoe, having a better look around on the way back.

Once in Canada southbound we will go via Jasper to Calgary for a family get together with nephew Tim and his fiancee Steph.


We will based outside Reno to the south east.


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:sombrero: OK, When I'm not in California, I'm in my place in Fernley--30 minutes East of Reno (I80)-

If you need/want anything when you're here-PM me for phone No. !

Good luck

:costumed-smiley-007:wings: JIMBO

Christian P.

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if (and I strongly suggest you do....) you come through Tahoe, you are more than welcome to stop here at our house. We are in Truckee, right next to Prosser Lake. There are camping spots right next to the house - or at the house!

(full disclosure - not my pictures)





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Hi Laythers. Just to let you know BrookyTom has managed to master the registration process (I think) and hope the flight went well with plenty of foot room and wonderful gluten free food. Good luck with the early logistics. All the best.

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Have a grand adventure! You will drive right past my house on your way to Prudhoe. I've travelled the haulroad many times in my Ram2500 / FourWheel camper. I look forward to seeing a picture of your combo eventually. We've driven the Alcan / Cassiar highways a few times also. Holler if I can be of assistance.

Jim K in PA

Best wishes for a great trip. Where in PA is the truck? We are heading out on 12 July to the U.P. of Michigan to do some camping, otherwise I would be happy to offer assistance with the pickup in you are heading to eastern PA for the truck.

Looking forward to the updates.


Looking forward to following along... the wife and I are making the Alaska trip in 2013.


Thanks all for the good wishes. We have been in Reno for three days waitng for various parts of the registration process to fall in to place. Now waiting for an UPS delivery which is 2.5 hours late. When it comes we register the vehicle and get the tags and fly off to Pittsburgh to get it.

The car transport companies desipte their promises and good intentions have cost three weeks, but no $$$ .



Got the truck

We flew to PA Friday night, got a temporary transit permit Saturday and are now on the way back to Reno for permanent registration. That should be done Tuesday or Wednesday and then we will be on the way to Seattle to pickup the Hawk FWC.

The north calls.


Well another week has passed and we are now in Canada!

The drive back to Reno was enjoyable with nothing of note except long days on the blacktop.

registration was a breeze.

we had a couple of outings with the relations watching Colin paragliding. That place has everything, skiing, hiking, kayaking and hilss to jump off. They think it is heaven.

Next day it was off to FWC to have the eye bolts attached.

That night we stayed in Bend OR after a part lap of crater lake, very spectacular!

Then we got to the home of the FWC Hawk which we purchased. Albert and Jola live in an idyllic setting on Bainbridge Island, on the water right accross from seattle. Lovely and relaxing to sit on their deck and watch the world go by. The very gracious hosts looked after us handsomly, thankyou. But there was work to do . Jenny shopped for all the things needed to equip for extended touring, like a coffee plunger etc and I got stuck ito wiring up the battery isolator. By the end of saturday the camper was on, all systems go!

Sunday was a day of rest and we took the ferry to Seattle and had a look at the markets and art gallery. Australian Aboriginal art on tour was the special exhibition, long way to go to see some sand paintings!

Yesterday we toured the Boeing factory in Everett and crossed our first border, into Canada. It went smoothly as expected.

The best part of thet day was meeting our daughter Amanda who we have not seen since Christmas day. She will tour with us for three weeks.

More soon and photos, yes I know you want photos.

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