HELP! 22R Oil Priming


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Little history to start out. 1982 Toyota 4x4 22r. Just got done completely re-building my 22r engine. New pistons 20 over, new bearings, completely re-built head. I'm having problems priming the engine before start up. So far I've pulled the plugs and coil wire and cranked it over with the starter, but still no oil pressure. So from there I pulled the pressure valve on the oil pump off and poured oil in it as well as draining the oil from the oil pan and then poured it back in just so it could run down through the engine. Hooked up an oil pressure gauge that is more accurate than the one in the cab, and so then cranked it over again. The idiot light on the dash goes out but still can get a good reading on the oil pressure gauge. What should I do? Pull the oil pump back off and grease/oil it up? Is there any way that the oil pump drive gear, the one that goes over the crankshaft, can be put on wrong? Any help would me more than great, I just want to finally drive my new to me Toyota 4x4.

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Pull the oil pump off and pack the gear lobes with assembly grease :) Just put a new timing chain on a friends 84 22R and thats the route I went


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Thanks for the advise, thought about doing tha t just didn't want to pull the pump back off. Talked with a family friend who is a machinist and he's going to loan me an oil pressure can. It'll thread into one of the oil pressure spots and with compressed air it will push oil through the whole engine.

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