Honeymoon - Convince the fiance in 5 days


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Getting married, 'll looking at 14 days off work 5 days each(4 traveling), she's planning luxury in Europe my goal is to rent an overlanding rig!

Looking for experience, 5 days especially "foofy ********" for the lady any where any how got a Land cruiser with a rooftop tent on African Safari in my head but looking for experience

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If you can handle jet lag, the american west or canada is a great option. A bit more expensive though. You will find plenty of luxury activities in major cities, so if she wants a spay day, you can roll up to one with a bit of driving.


Umm... what?

Can we get the same thing, but in English? :)
To be fair, after reading billiebob response, I'm thinking it's possible the wife is from some foreign country and English is not her first language. She hacked into his Expo account thinking she could get answers because he spends so much time perusing the forum.

Nah, he had a few pops and tried to type on his phone. That's more likely. It's only fair we give him a hard time being he hasn't checked back in since posting.


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Are you really asking to go against your new wife’s wishes of a luxury vacation to go car camping ....... not the smartest idea . Happy wife happy life
I had a similar thought. Maybe the honeymoon should be marriage counseling for him.


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