Introducing the “NEW” Alu-Cab Canopy Camper


I've been checking in on your build, looks great so far! Love the idea of converting the entire truck bed area into a bed, been thinking about doing something similar once I build out.


This is what I have so far. You can see the diesel heater outlet on the right. The kitchen box is easy to remove, I prefer to cook outside, but can be used inside. The kitchen stays at home, ready to go. one solar panel on the roof with a Red Ark DC DC controller and 100 amp agm battery. The fridge placement makes it easy to get to from inside or out. Still working on how to utilize the wall space.
DN- I like that - i am trying to figure out a way to have the kitchen slide out but really like the simplicity of your box- did you make it or where did you find it? thanks s
So i am having a crazy thought- I am thinking of converting the wedge design of my canopy camper to a level lift using actuators- I spent a month living in it BUT spent all of the time on my "added Lower bed" and my boys slept up top. I have now spent 5 nights sleeping in the wedge and i am not a fan- first i prefer to have the rear hatch open when up top makes it easier to deal with my cpap machine, fan or anything that has to be moved back and forth between setup and sleep- so as a result my feet are in the narrow zone and the airflow temp makes it really hot without any windows or ventilation. So my thought is to use linear actuators to lift the entire roof up 34" this would allow you to still sit up in bed but you could also sleep head forward or head back making it much easier to climb in when there is two of you- and the hatch could always be open since the length of the sleeping platform is still 75" which is longer then the actual truck bed. Would also allow me to have windows all the way around the upper area improving airflow and comfort. Think fwc camper stylw but with linear actuators i could still have my 200+ lbs of boats or gear and be able to lift it and lower it without any issues.
I am also thinking of adding 2 inches of height around the lid to give me a little more storage for my 4" mattress (the stock 3" is for young folk- i want comfort) and blankets- its currently tight with all my bedding up top when closed- works fine if using sleeping bags but the comforter is a bit much.
So give me some feedback- good idea bad idea or possible problems all appreciated
thank in advance


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Hey DNLUSK did those black tie down rings come with your camper? If not where did you get them? I´m really liking your setup!


DN- I like that - i am trying to figure out a way to have the kitchen slide out but really like the simplicity of your box- did you make it or where did you find it? thanks s
I bought the box on Ebay, (under bed storage), $80. added the legs (cut down from ARB awning legs $10 each then added to birch ply wood top and made a simple shelf inside, and added the handles.


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So this just happened after looking at all the wedge style pop up's. Haven't done anything with the interior build out yet. I do need to use the truck like a truck, so still trying to figure things out without dedicating all the bed space to a permanent camper setup. Would love to see pictures of how you setup the inside of your camper for trips.

Special thanks to Rin at OK4WD for the camper and Jon from ROKO Vehicles building my rig. Planning my first trip :)

Stoked for you and sweet looking Tacoma! Enjoy! ?


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Another Canopy Camper rolling out of the shop but will be back after a quick trip to Colorado for the Goose Gear treatment ?




digging the Canopy Camper on my Taco!



still deciding what to do with the bed. I had ideas but they changed after the last trip down to WV. I really liked keeping my mountain bike securely inside (29er). it was safely out of sight and didn’t have to put my hitch carrier on and decrease departure angle. leaning towards keeping some flex space on one side for a bike, dog bed, beer hauling cooler, etc. the other side will probably get some Goose Gear storage (been very happy with my JKUR GG setup).


in the meantime decided to rework the door and swap the zip pouches for MOLLE panels. this gives me greater flexibility to change up me loadout depending on the trip.


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