Is chevs new "toolbox" ad accurate?


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I saw the chev ad where they laid a tool box on the side of the bed, and pushed it off...using the ford and chev. The ford popped open like a tin can, and the chev dented. anyone with a ford have this magical tinfoil bed they show on the commercial.


Hard to tell. It could be TV magic that made the bed get sliced (aka a filled toolbox apposed to an empty one).

Unless someone is willing to try it on their own truck we wont really know.

Lets be honest most people have the plastic slide in bed liner or even a heavy duty spray on/roll on bed liner which would protect the bed from that kind of damage anyways.

Im a ford guy and that commercial doesnt drive me away from ford at all. In fact it pushes me away from chevy since all they do is bash their competitor's.

As i said if i owned a new f150 the bed would be bedlined so that issue does not effect me.


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Well the aluminum Fords are reportedly not selling very well. Fears over inflated repair costs for aluminum bodies.

It's a dumb commercial in a worse way - I'd be FAR more upset about the wreckage of my toolbox in such an incident, than care about the wear and tear on a bed of a PICKUP. ****'s there to be USED.


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I think the slowness in sales of the F150 is old news - seems like they are doing well now:

May 4, 2016

Sales of America’s most popular vehicle, Ford Motor Co.’s F-150, rose above 250,000 through the first four months of the year, posting numbers that mean that it cannot possibly be caught in 2016 by its full-sized pickup rivals. Whatever combination of new features and old loyalty have driven its success, the F-150’s sales are extraordinary, even after it experimented with the metal composition of the truck.

Ford sold 256,895 F-150 pickups through April, up 7% from the same period last year. Well behind it, sales of the General Motors Co.’s (NYSE: GM) Silverado were 178,995, or up 3.6%. Sales of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.’s (NYSE: FCAU) Ram hit 154,446, up 10.8%. The American demand for full-sized pickups is so strong that the three each eclipse the sales of any car.

Read more: Ford F-150 Sales Hit 250,000 (NYSE: F) - 24/7 Wall St.
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Ford had supply problems with the new high strength steel frame at first, which is why their sales were down. They basically weren't dong fleet sales at all for several months while they brought another supplier online. They're selling like hot cakes now.

The ad is accurate, I'm sure, but probably not practical. Puncture resistance of aluminum is probably its weakest point in relation to steel, so they're keying in on that with some very specific tests. Note how they place the toolbox at a 45 degree angle so that all the force of the impact is concentrated in one point. They call it an empty toolbox, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have a 1" steel plate welded to the bottom. It looks heavy. Same with the blocks - I doubt they'd have had the same results had they not used square blocks with sharp corners. And they drop them for a height you'd never do in real life. In fact, ford essentially did the same test in a more real world fashion when they first came out with the truck. There's a video out there of it.

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Here's that video. That truck had a bedliner so it's not 100% apples to apples. But then if I'm going to dump a bunch of rocks into a truck bed, I'd probably put down a sheet of plywood no matter what the bed is made of.



Ford and GM have been bashing each other for years. It does not matter much to the loyal Ford or GM owners and purchasers.
When you add GMC sales to the list Ford and Chevy have been very close in sales for years.
Dodge is doing well also. I wonder if their 1/2 ton diesel sales will be good enough for the other two to offer one.


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Oh I know about the bashing but this one seems OVER THE TOP. Theres no way ford would release a truck with a pan that would pop holes that easy.


I have a buddy in the auto body world who asked me if I'd seen this video after I commented on a recent fb post he'd made. According to him they are seeing tears and punctures and other abnormal failures.


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I have no doubts that the aluminum would be less stout than steel of the same gauge, but in the real world, you'd likely have some sort of bed liner or bed mat in use. I have put the rubber DeeZee bed mats in most trucks I've owned, and there is no way you'd see the same type of damage using one.


I have no doubts that the aluminum would be less stout than steel of the same gauge, but in the real world, you'd likely have some sort of bed liner or bed mat in use. I have put the rubber DeeZee bed mats in most trucks I've owned, and there is no way you'd see the same type of damage using one.

Big difference between aluminum and steel is that steel can be bent back into shape, while Aluminum, when it bends, permanently alters the molecular cohesion at the damage point. Ask any auto body guy what they have to do to "repair" a dented Aluminum body panel... Steel, bang into place, rub-out with compression, and dent goes away. Aluminum, replace panel, as you will never get the dent to go away. That aside, the whole thinking by major auto manufacturers nowadays is to design and sell vehicles to the most profitable and biggest customer base.

40 years ago, that was (for pickup trucks) ranchers, farmers, tradespeople, etc who really really used those vehicles HARD. Today, the biggest portion of buyers is the bling bling, look cool while riding on heated seats, and wifi, for your kids in the back of the extended cab, hauling your jet skis or Razor, type of crowd. Those trucks never go near a work site where you'll likely be banged by Bubbas forklift, loading logs into your bed.

Big difference, and cause and effect, trucks now are designed with big towing capacity, not because you are putting 10k pounds in your bed, but because you need that towing capacity to tow your 10k pound toy hauler to Glamis, where the sides of the truck never see trail rash, or anything ever leaned up against them.

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