ISO/WTB - ‘05+ Ford E350 V10 (Location: Central California Coast)


Calling-in from west of the Rockies
Good evening,

Location: Central California Coast.

Looking for a weekend toy / tow rig for the family. I'm in the market for a Ford 2005+ V10 E350 RB or EB, 2WD is fine and preferred. The newer the vintage and lower the mileage, the better. I'm willing to pay a premium for a really clean, well-maintained/kept example. However, if you have a 2004- model year, or an EB, I’ll definitely take a look and consider it.

Searching for the following:
-Clean undercarriage, free of corrosion beyond normal superficial surface rust.
-Well-maintained van that hasn't been abused. Good maintenance history, clean body, free of body/paintwork, etc. Minor dings are okay if they are in the realm of the repairable via PDR.
-Not interested in black or dark blue van - any other color would be preferred.

The following would sweeten the deal:
--Chateau/XLT Premium package, or similar-style seating (need seats for at least five) and the quad captains chairs of the Chateau/Traveller/XLT-Premium trims would be a plus.
-4x4 conversion by U-Joint Offroad as this would be my final goal for the van; but a clean 2WD is my primary target and will likely align with my budget.
-tasteful modifications like Aluminess kit, or an OBA setup would be a plus as well.

***please shoot me a PM if you have something along these lines.

Thank you,

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Don't know if what I have is what you are looking for, but I will put it out there anyway.
2004 Ford E350 Superduty extended Quigley 4x4. V10 with 164k mostly highway miles.
Is in passenger mode still, (no conversion to camper yet). Paint is not in the shape you seem to want, but minimal rust and no dings other than one or two on the roof. Let me know if you have any questions or interest.
Thank you.


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