ITTOG's Truck Camper Build (was 6' x 12' Trailer Conversion)


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I like the red stripe, thinking it would be great if reflective. Perhaps add some brake/running lights too. I got rear ended on the highway last year. More visibility is good, considering the bear graphic is dark.
That isn't a bad idea. I will have to look into that. If they don't see my truck lights they aren't going to see lights on the camper. Also, 90% of the time when I have the camper on the truck I am toing a trailer. In addition, when I don't have the trailer on, I have lights on a stand that I put in my tow hitch and the lights are high and behind my camper.

The red stripe looks good. Maybe you can make it wider?
The most it can be is about 2" because of the trim. I want to keep it subtle but 2" wouldn't be overkill. I may have to look at that.

Thanks for the input guys.


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I went on another four wheeling trip recently and almost damaged my camper while loading it in the driveway. I didn't get any pictures because it was touch and go for a while. Unfortuantely, while raising the camper, manually at each leg, one of the back camper jacks bent and the entire camper almost fell backwards while it was 4' in the air. I will have to design a way to cross brace the camper jacks to prevent them from bending.

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It seems like even the mfgrd ones, when they are up its always a little sketchy. The electric ones on the Outfitter are nice, as I can do it all at once so it seems to lesson that. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. Versus the drill and raising each side a few inches at a time.

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