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Howdy Ya'll,

More of a lurker than a poster but I have a quick question regarding the factory head unit in the JK's. We have a 2010 Rubicon that we bought used, the hard drive in the head unit will not store any songs, AV plug does not work and is not blue tooth compatible. This is the wife's daily driver so she enjoys these creature comforts.

We bought the jeep as her DD but also for our new camping rig. I won't bore everyone with the details as it's been a pretty straight forward "overland" build. When in the back country I have relied on the stock Rubicon head unit to "track" our route, save routes we have done and followed trails that it already had in the database. (not sure if this is factory or if the PO ran trails with it. A lot of popular trails in Colorado and Big Bend popped up on our head unit while we were on them).

I have lightly touched on updated mapping systems on my phone to help us navigate (think downloading area map/someone else map and following that) but we primarily use a TOPO map and compass for navigation.

Being 2018 and all I figured I might try to step into the 21st century and make the wife happy by fixing all the issues she doesn't like with her current head unit. Based on the research I've done thus far it looks like insane audio's replacement radio or an OEM style radio are my only options if I want to retain factory like GPS and not introduce another GPS system to our set up.

Has anyone ran into a similar issue? Or tried the insane audio unit? Both are pretty pricey and figured i would check hear to get others feed back/advice. other forums I've visited with info on this seem to leave out the navigation piece.

Thank you in advance and sorry for the long winded message.



I did a return-to-stock on my 2015 JKUR and removed my Sony AV100 (https://www.crutchfield.com/p_158XAV100/Sony-XAV-AX100.html) - it uses Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. The google maps feature was super nice

Let me know if you are interested - I'll be putting it up for sale in the classifieds real soon - everything is in a box already, including the installation kit for a JK/JKU and module that retains steering wheel controls (I had UConnect in my Rubicon).



{update - it's in the classifieds now - didn't want to violate any forum rules}
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As you stated, you want to retain factory GPS. Your only option is to repair, or replace factory head unit. I would suggest Craigslist, or a local pick & pull junkyard, for options to replace.

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