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It happened to one of my friend's as well, he really lucked out because the company who sourced his original window gave him a replacement under warranty! When I tried that approach, I was offered a 10% discount. Better than nothing, but I ended up going with a used one out of the Tulsa area. I love road trips anyway, and the drive out was gorgeous (even without the back window) and I ended up meeting and talking with 2 very amazing people.
The gentleman who sold me the glass, bought his first jeep, an immaculate 2003 TJ with only 60k on the odo. Only mods were 31" tires and leather seats. He was an Army Vietnam veteran with some amazing stories.
On the way home I stopped by Sedan Kansas at the Gunnar's Bourbon Distillary, had a wonderful bison burger and an amazing conversation with a gentleman who worked as a street preacher, a missionary and artist. Also, they make good wheated bourbon. I'm looking forward to heading back to Sedan to take the tour.
It's really cool how a crap situation of losing the window turned into a cool opportunity to meet some really interesting guys.


For a while now, i've been thinking of swapping wheels from the XJ to TJ. Getting new tires was my opportunity. New tires installed, they got swapped over to the TJ. I like the look, especially with the "new" hard top.

Switch-a-roo by Tim, on Flickr

The Pirellis on the XJ need replaced as well, and I have a set of 31s waiting in the wings.


SCORE! Picked these up at a GREAT price. Never used, only dusty.Still working on gathering parts for the rest of the wrangler suspension. But here's the talley so far.
Front adjustable control arms (Never installed) $120
Rear adjustable track bar (NIB) $15
2.5" lift springs (NIB) $50
Shocks & stabilizer full price because some parts you just don't do used.

Hopefully the luck continues for the rear control arms and front track bar.

SCORE!!! by Tim, on Flickr


Not all trips can be fun... although I'll do my best. In a couple week I'll be helping my mom move across the country, the last leg of the trip I'll be picking up my TJ so I can drive it home... instead of relying on plane schedules and being shoved around like cattle. Doing that once during this endeavor will be one too many times IMHO.
I've been working on getting the TJ TOAD ready. Picked up a pretty nice folding tow bar for only $50. Had to do a little refurbishing it to get it working right, but it's on and just about ready to go...

For the record, i really miss the grill guard. the draw bar is a temporary addition, it will be quickly replaced by the grill guard once the trip is done.
The trip.... I will be driving back roads from Knoxville Tn. area back to Wichita, taking a couple days to accomplish it. So far the only stop I plan on making is the ferry in Hickman Ky that crosses the Mississippi River. Any stops along the way that y'all recommend will be greatly appreciated!

Getting ready... by Tim, on Flickr
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