Just bought a '22 Frontier SV


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Since my project truck was stolen, I've recently replaced it with a '22 Frontier SV. It has less than 8k on it. It'll be 80% daily driver and 20% medium off-road use ((beach, desert, some Ozarks, no rock crawling). My prior vehicles have all been Hummers and Silverados, but the Frontier is a different animal. I'm very pleased with it so far.

My goal is to remain a good daily driver, but be able to hit the beach, desert and a good bit of the Ozarks without carrying the whole house with me. This build will be a minimalist build. My current gear loads covers shelter, electrical/solar, and pretty much anything from a camping/survival/trip support standpoint.

Last week I installed on-board air (Viair mid-duty) and Heise Blackout Series pod lights.

This is my first Nissan product, so glad you guys are here. Mind if I ask a couple of questions?

1. Tires. The production tires (Michelin A/Ts) will have to go eventually, so I'm looking for suggestions. Off-road will be more beach and desert than rocky trails. No need for muds down here. Definitely want to go a little higher profile.

2. Spare carrier. Currently gave up my underbody carrier space to the viair. Looking for a carrier solution that won't break the bank, won't kill my backup camera. ugh.

3. Bed gear organization. I'm not a big fan of RTTs. Just not my thing. All my pickups had caps on them, but I think I'm going low-profile on this one. Tonneau until I'm proven that I need something else. What do you guy use for bed organization?

4. Tune. My understanding is that there are no e-tunes available for the '22 yet, so a shop is best bet. After driving for two weeks, I feel that the V6 and 9-speed could benefit from a little adjustment. Anybody out there have good experiences doing that?

5. What haven't I asked that I need to know?

Thanks in advance all, and good to meet ya,


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255/75R17 or 265/70R17 should both fit, and in a P metric won't ruin fuel economy. I recommend buying whatever AT tires the shops in your area stock so if you need a replacement you're not waiting for a week. For me that is Toyo, Falken, or Cooper. Though they rarely have the 255/80R17 tires I run in stock in any brand.

Instead of a Tonneau how about a decked or cross body box and strap/bolt the spare tire in the bed?


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Hey Paul, I'm sorry to hear about your stolen project truck, but congrats on your new '22 Frontier SV!

Tires – popular options include the BFGoodrich KO2, Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac, and Falken Wildpeak AT3W. And if you're thinking about increasing the tire size, just make sure they fit within the wheel well and won't cause any rubbing or other issues.

And if you're interested in tuning your engine, look for a reputable shop that specializes in Nissan vehicles or consider adding a performance air intake or exhaust system. Don't forget to add some recovery gear, a basic first aid kit, and emergency supplies, and always be prepared if you're off-roading in unfamiliar terrain.


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Congratulations on the new truck!

For a low profile bed cover that maximizes utility with minimal headache I'd recommend a trifold tonneau that will also flip up behind the cab so that you can have the full length of the bed open without having to remove the cover. While complete removal or reinstallation of most trifold tonneaus only takes a few minutes, it can be a bit of a headache - as much about finding a place to keep the tonneau while it's off the truck as it is about the process. I currently have a Rugged Liner trifold, and I have to remove it to haul the 4-wheeler in the bed. I wish I'd bought something like the Lomax Stance so that I could just flip it up behind the cab. I also wish my tonneau had slam latches so that I didn't have to keep space available around the latch handle in order to open or close it. If you get a tonneau, add bed lighting underneath, if you don't already have it. My tonneau has battery powered LEDS built into the rear section.

I'm a fan of using sturdy, weatherproof, plastic totes for organization. IRIS makes some good ones with a gasket under the lid, as does Husky at Home Depot. If you buy weatherproof units, then they'll keep your stuff dry even if they're not stowed under a cover. I prefer this to a Decked System just because it maintains full use of the bed, while a Decked System eats up most of your bed depth and has a good bit of wasted space. It's also easy to bring totes inside for pre and post-trip packing/restocking/organizing.

Tires - 265/70R17 is probably the most common single truck tire size of the past decade, so I'd run those. I can't think of an all terrain that isn't available in both a P-metric and LT-metric in that size. I had good luck with the OE load range C Goodyear All Terrain Adventures on my F150. I wish I'd bought another set instead of the Firestone Destination X/T that I replaced them with.


I’ve got a ‘22 Frontier as well. Just hit 31k miles and very happy with the truck. Check out the ClubFrontier forum. Lots of useful info.
I swapped the tires right away and went with Falken Wildpeaks in a 275/70/17. Fit well with the front air dam removed. Not a common size, and I am thinking either 265/70/17 or 255/75/17 will be my next set.

I also built my own decked style setup with Rubbermaid bins underneath. I have Plano trunks I throw in before trips which would fit under a tonneau however I like the extra room of the canopy. I mounted a Smittybilt 2781 to the deck and wired up to the battery.

As mentioned I’ve been really happy with the truck and the setup. Any questions, just ask!

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