Katzkin leather seat re-upholstery?


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Usually their stuff is top notch. The leather is really soft, yet the seats are very durable.

1800.00 seems a bit steep, I'd shop around. I've seen people get it for hundreds less installed.

On many vehicles, it's not terribly difficult to install them yourself.


Agreed...very good stuff. Not custom shop grade, but a couple steps better than factory. Is the $1800 for a three row vehicle?


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I had a custom set done for my Miata and they were awesome. I actually won a certificate for a set from a club event, which is why I got them. Not sure I would pony up the cost out of pocket. I did have a shop actually install them, who had done a lot of sets over the years.


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They were not perfect but I would buy another set for $550 when my kids mess these up.

the ones I got were a mix of leather and Vinyl or whatever it is they use. Mostly vinyl.


I installed front and rear Katzkins on my 2008 F250 supercab. Very happy with the results. Added heated seat inserts while at it, and a new bottom foam cushion for driver seat. Install by me took better part of entire weekend. While I had the seats out I replaced the entire cab carpet piece and added sound deadening mats.


Anyone have any experience with this company and/or the product? Looks like about $1800 for both front and back seats including installation. Considering this for my daily driver, but would be nice in my truck too...

We had it put in a Suburban my wife bought a few years ago. It was pretty nice stuff. No complaints for the price.


FWIW, I installed some Wet Okole seat covers in my 2016 Tacoma. Cost new was around $700-800. I installed them myself and they were not difficult to do at all.

The fit on them is really great. The front seats are near perfect, and the rear is very close, there is only one small spot on either side the bugs me, but I might just need to make some adjustments with the straps to alleviate it.

They are neoprene, padded with foam, and you can choose all sorts of options. I added map pockets to the back of the front seats and two small pockets on the front edge of the driver seat, for phone and knife. I also added the center console cover. The quality seems really good, the workmanship seems really good, the fit is the best I've ever had. The only drawback for me was the smell, at first....they stunk pretty bad for a while, but it has all but dissipated now.

I bought them in one of their RealTree camo patterns and couldn't be happier with that. It matches my truck color, Quicksand, and hides any potential dirt or stains really well. Here's some pics of the front, couldn't' take pics of the rear seat as it's covered under a dog blanket currently.


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I kust ordered Katzkin seats for my 4runner. Dog hair is a nightmare on my cloth seats and the only reason I didn't get leather to begin with is that I didn't want a sunroof, (hard to get one without the other). I'm also going to have the carpet steam cleaned when the seats are out. I'm paying 1800 including everything, (installation and tax). With inflation, I think this price is probably the new norm. 2 rows by the way.

I'll post pics once installed.


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I think they came out nice. Soft, comfortable and I like the smell of real leather. There was a problem with a plastic trim piece that is going to get fixed next week. Between the airbags and inevitable issues with the install, I definitely think it was worth having it done professionally and having a guarantee on the work.20231014_155600.jpg20231014_155545.jpg20231014_155550.jpg

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