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You know, you can buy replacement handles at almost any Home Depot, Lowes or most hardware stores, even feed stores across the country. There has got to be a handle out there that fits your shovel.


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I have had the MAXX on three different Vehicles. It was a gift from my FIL. Great tool. I also carry a small head garden shovel that I shortened to fit the rack.

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Maybe not! Liked this so much i looked at the site, which says “back spring 2021”

Ive been using a cheap Home Depot D handle shorty and/my Dads old Korean war entrenching tool, which has a steel handle, depending on the trip (sand or not). This is a much better combo at a great price. Im getting one!
So, a year and a half later, they emailed me that this shovel was in stock and I got one. Very nicely made, stout and works well in either regular shovel position or pick/trenching tool position (at least in my backyard trial).
As @jdlobb pointed out its sorta pretty. They dropped the red collar for black, but put some copper brass color plating on the rivets :confused:. I had to drop it in the gravel and scuff it up so as not to be embarrassed to pull it out around others! And Im gonna black out those rivets.

Weighed in at less than my HD shovel (4.2lbs) and lets me not carry the entrenching tool, so saved three lbs and gives better functionality. $85 inc shipping net of a 15% discount. The discount code is FIFTEEN if anyones interested. I have NO affiliation, just reporting back!

Edit: I misremembered my HD shovel weight. The new Barebones shovel actually weighs a bit over a 1/2 lb more. Still saves weight with improved functionality.
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Thought this shovel discussion had run its course. But i finally succumbed to the need for an expedition shovel. I got one of those Crazy Beaver mean looking bad boys. I got the longer D-handle model. The shovel is great but it fit poorly on my existing mount on the right side of the rack. Going to have to find a new way to mount it.


Seeing as this thread came back.
I use a British Military shovel (not a replica), the T-handle one. I have had this for years, the blade is still sharp and everything is still very solid in the feeling of it.
I have it mounted with my Hi-lift on the upper roll cage on my Jeep. Great place for it and keeps it dry.

For a smaller shovel I also carry a US military folding shovel (like on post #82) I mine has the pouch with it so it folds away nicely.


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Ironman4x4 3 Piece Shovel

I got this a while back- Pros: Long handle or short D-handle, packs up small, comes with a heavy duty bag for interior vehicle storage (stores under my seat), also the handles are beefy heavy duty steel. Cons: on the heavier side so when I go out in snow I bring a separate snow shovel, and square head may not be ideal depending on what you're doing.


I carry a folding black military shovel and an early version of the DMOS that I bought when they were introduced. The folding shovel fits almost anywhere and the DMOS mounts to the bulkhead behind the passenger seat of my D90 with a couple of quik-fists.
Jonathon Hanson wrote an article a few years ago for Overland Journal about using an English Poachers Spade or Rabbiting spade and they seem like a great idea. They have a narrow long blade that are great for working under a car.
Lee Valley makes an all stainless steel version that I'm thinking of buying for $55.


Home Depot carries one with a wooden handle



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Yup, for some folks who were weaned too early.

I’m still using a Korean War old milsurp E tool meself…
Wish I'd have been more responsible with my father's Vietnam haul when I was a kid. Bent, clippable flashlights, leather holsters for the 1911. Canteens, Alice packs, entrenching tool, and a bunch of other stuff.

I was adventurous. After returning to the boston area I went out on my own little Boston Harbor Cruise with a bunch of gear, hoping to reach a nearby island. Turned a corner and the wind flipped the raft over. All gone.

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