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This sounds like quite an intriguing challenge of yours.

More details as to your specific budget, needs/wants, lifestyle preferences, comfort expectations and intended use really would be necessary to give you any useful advice.

Without more, I’d say keep your set up as simple as possible.

We once lived up in Yukon/Alaska/Northern B.C. @ for two months in an 8’ long, 60” high 1/4 cab over shell with essentially nothing built in in it, on a half ton reg cab, long bed 4x4 with a six cylinder engine and had a great experience doing so.

Would that combo work for everyone? Certainly not….so, again, fill in the blanks for us about your plans and maybe we can help you out.

I don't think he was asking for advice. He is looking for a rig for sale.


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It's been many decades since living in Alaska (4+) but, even back then I recall many of the contract workers simply hauled a good quality (cold prep package) bumper pull camper (20 feet +/-) behind a 4wd truck/shell and parked in the lots around the construction sites. The camper stayed as their basecamp for work , so they don't have to break camp everytime they want to run somewhere and the truck with a shell and camping gear was their weekend grocery getter and exploration vehicle. Some just sold them to the next guy that was assigned/hired/contracted looking for a similar life style. May even see if anyone is selling such a setup where your going? Of course one of your bigger issues while boondocking on-site making sure the site/company/facility has utilities and dump stations for camper, otherwise that becomes old quickly.

Remember a combination of bad weather, short days and long nights.....by yourself can really impact your mental/physical health living out of a Jeep or too small of a camper for months on end and could become very uncomfortable.

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I’d probably vote no to going the RTT route!

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