Looking for Michelin XZL's or alternate 20" tires


Does anybody have a lead on somewhere that HAS STOCK of the Michelin XZL 395/85R20's? I need 5 pieces and all the dealers I've talked to say they're sold out and the U.S. Military has eaten up all the back log for the next several months.

I asked Michelin but they don't know of any. I figured you guys know more than them though!

Alternatively, I'm open to a different tire that meets the following requirements:
- 20" wheel
- less than 425 width
- between 41" and 47" total diameter
- highway friendly (noise, wet weather, mileage)
- still capable off-road (not heavy rock crawling, but some mud tracks)

I have already rejected the XML's and XL's as too aggressive for our needs.

These will be used on our F-650 4x4 chassis with a 15,000lb camper.

Any help is appreciated!


PS - Failing this, I will have to change to 22.5" wheels, and give up on having 2piece split rims.


You are probably not going to find them, have you considered continental tires? MPT81 are a great tire and come in 20 inch, one of my mogs has them and they run silent and XZLs are very noisey and hard to balance.

Try calling Scott Ingram and Expedition Imports or Jim Ince at Eurotruck, they both deal in Mitche and Conti tires for mogs which are the same size as you need. They will both drop ship to your nearest distribution center.

Good luck.



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Tires 395/85 x 20 XZL


There are a plentiful supply of them over here in the UK, I can fix you a set up if you want. They are going to be approximately $400 each and then shipping. Message me privately if you would like to sort something.

Last year I could have gotten the 365/80 x 20 XZLs that I am looking for and these are now like gold dust or worse. If you know of any of these at a good price I would love to know.

best regards from David Gudmunsen


I have 4 R20 x 11.00 XZL 's for sale:

Size: R20 x 11.00
Load: H
Diameter: 43.1 (new)
Width : 11.1
Rims: 8.00 - 7.50
Revs per mile: 481
Max speed: 65mph

They have 80% tread left on them an I can sell them to you for $1400 US plus shipping.

Let me know if they will work for you.


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I have some 365/80r20 Michelin XZL tyres available. They are part worn but will be a hell of a lot cheaper than brand new. If you are interested or know anyone who is please let me know.


Dont see the 9x16 XZL old style any more. The new style XZL is in 255/100/16 LW Vass has most all the Michelins used by UK MOD for their fleet, including the sizes wanted in this thread. I have bought from them a couple times, great pricing compared to whats available in N. America. If you know someone with a container in the UK, throw a pallet of them inside, not expensive that way. Last partial container I shipped was $225 a cubic meter for LCL.
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Wow... talk about the ghost of threads past... This posting was from almost 5 years ago.

We wound up putting a set of the XZL 445 x 22.5's on the EcoRoamer, and have been very happy with them. They fit the standard Alcoa's and are much more readily available than I first feared.

However, thanks for the update. Hopefully some other people who may be looking for these will stumble across this thread.


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