LR3 vs L322 range rover what would you look for when buying?


ive been researching Lr3's for over a month now looking to buy one. they have been hard to find near me in davenport iowa for a nice one that isnt black.. so ive decided to widen my net a little bit and started looking at range rovers of same vintage.
is the drive train similar between the two? im looking at 4.4 v8. and the air suspension also? being a mechanic ive tried to search out all the problems of the LR3. would a range rover have the same said problems? im not looking to see if one has more or less problems than the other just to know if much of the research on problems of lr3 will transfer to l322. also would 06-09 be best year to look for in l322 or are there other years? not looking to off road anymore then fire roads and maybe something like cinnamon pass in CO not looking to throw any bigger tires on it then maybe 31s either. thanks for the info!


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The L322 was designed under BMW ownership, the LR3 was designed under Ford/Jaguar ownership. Very different parts and suppliers for things, so I doubt there is much in common, if anything. Some of the parts on the LR3 actually had the Ford logo stamped on them. I wrote a blog post about buying a used LR3 a long time ago (2008), but it might still be helpful:
I think the V8 in the LR3 is Jaguar (Ford) derived, but I know the V6 is pure Ford. Not sure about the V8 in the L322.

LR3's fit up to 32" tires with a rod lift to trick the air suspension, or you can replace the air suspension with coils, but you give up ride quality in doing so, though you gain height, durability, and load capacity. There is way more aftermarket support for the LR3 than there is for the L322, but that really only applies if you are taking the LR3 further than stock. I am a big guy, and I find the L322 far more comfortable. It's just a remarkably good interior, if in good shape. The LR3 is much more utilitarian. However, the LR3 is extremely versatile in terms of cargo capacity. Both have good and proper split lift gates that provide a lot of functionality. If you have more than 2 humans with you, the LR3 will probably be more spacious and comfortable, certainly if you are also bringing camping gear for 4+ people.


The motors are the same.

If I didn’t need the third row, and didn’t mind the very slight loss in cargo volume I’d be going full size Range Rover.

The sport in that generation is based on the LR3/4 platform and pretty small inside.


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Maybe I’m the one that is confused. I thought the L332 was the full size Range Rover? It’s sometimes called the FFRR for “full fat Range Rover” because it’s the biggest one (Although the interior cargo space is less). The RR Sport and LR3 share the same chassis. Only the suspension tuning, engine mapping, shift points, and body/interior are different.


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If you’re looking at a Gen 1 Range Rover Sport with the 4.4 basically all the LR3 information will apply. Aside from some interior bits and size they’re nearly identical. The size difference will be very noticeable


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03-05 Range Rover is BMW derived. Total POS. LR3 and L320 are the same vehicle underneath. The 4.4 is bomb proof if taken care of. The 06-09 L322 are the same jag 4.4 in the l320/LR3. My l320 has like 240k miles on it. Just recently did a cooling system replacement as preventative. Was still on original pump and it was perfect. Any of those listed above from 06-09 are going to be good trucks. Stay away from the BMW one.


IMO the 2007 to 2012 L322's Supercharged V8's are superior in every way to the LR3 except two. My main complaint with the L322 is the terrible internal storage space considering the external size of the vehicle. And the LR3/LR4 also have a much bigger aftermarket support than the L322 has. Having said that, the L322's undercarriage (suspension arms, axle shafts, etc) are much beefier than the LR3/LR4/RRS. The supercharged engine makes it fun to drive on the road and never really leaving wanting more power in high altitudes, etc.
On my 2012 L322 Supercharged I run a 2.5" air bag spacer lift and LT265/60/20 load range E tires. Most of the supercharged V8's I've looked at have the rear locker which makes a huge difference off road. Even with the lift and much stiffer & heavier tires the chassis handles it great and I prefer the ride and feel over my wife's 2019 Range Rover. It has literally become what I feel is the best "all around vehicle" I've ever owned. Regarding the LR3/LR4, I do prefer the feel of the LR3 over the just feels more nimble to me and I like the way the engine feels compare to the 5.0 V8. Did I mention that I really love the functional interior room of the LR3/LR4 platform, lol.

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