LT vs. P Metric


I ended up with E load KO2s not long after my post in 2015. I gave up, probably, less than half a mile MPG and have been through 2-3 winters now. As I posted then, every tire shop I talked to locally urged me to get E load tires for my uses and I did. Zero regrets.


I think it just depends on what you are actually doing with your vehicle. My Tacoma is stock and will remain stock as it's not my adventure vehicle. That was my Dodge until I had to sell earlier this year :(

I had E-rated BFG AT2's on my Tacoma the past 3 years and they sucked at everything other than having good traction. I switched to Falken Wildpeak's in a SL-rating and could not be happier. I know I have up thicker sidewalls, but the ride is 1,000X better with the Falkens and my truck no longer pulls to the right so hard you'd think it was actively trying to murder me.

I see people here where I live running around with gigantic mud terrain tires in E-rated versions on trucks that are always clean and shiny. I'll take a comfy ride, better mpg's, and less sidewall since I know my Tacoma will always be a light-duty vehicle used for day trips, DD duties, fishing trips to local lakes, etc. and nothing more really.

When I get another adventure vehicle, likely another full-size Dodge or Ford, I'll run E-rated tires all day.


For my last tire purchase, I went with with G015s in the P265/75R16 flavour.

I only went off road a few times with them, before selling the truck, but they were perfect for my mostly highway use, and occasional off road.



Like what others have said: LTs for trucks and big SUVs, and Ps for cars.

I have LT 285/75/16 tires on my 96 Ram 1500 4x4 truck ("E" rated), same size tires but in a "D" rating on my 98 Jeep TJ, and LT 31x10.5x15 tires on my 46 Willys CJ2A in a "C" rating. Oh; and my little trailer (that I pull behind the TJ) has LT 235/75/15 tires in a "C" rating. My wife's Subaru, my Toyota Yaris, and my daughter's bug all have "P" rated tires.

I guess what I'm trying to say, is that just because it is an "LT" tire, it doesn't mean they're all "E" or "F" rated tires with a ton of belts and overly-stiff.

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