lunchbox-ers any opinions experiences with the many brands?

lunch box lockers. Aussi locker etc. what has worked for you?

i believe that when i get mine installed i will run one splined cap on passenger side, and a locking hub on drivers side.
on my new high pinion gen 2 differential, i have disabled the vacuum set up and permanently locked in my long tube axle. that side will pull when engaged in 4x4. for surfaces like slippery roads.
On tough track i engage the driver side hub for complete lock up.
i do have concerns about "torque steer" on snowy roads with one wheel fully engaged. we see how that goes.

which brand have we decided fits best the gen 2 eight inch ring gear differential.
i have a boxed aussi locker but its intended for a newer axle than mine. i have not test fitted or opened it as it non returnable that way.


While not in a mitsu, but I installed an EZ Locker (rear diff only - front was left open) in my 1997 Jeep Wrangler by myself - took about 1.5 hours to do start-to-finish and made a HUGE difference in performance off road.

It did have bad manners in icy/snowy surfaces, though, as the rear wouldn't track forward, but rather spin both wheels into a fishtail if too much (any) torque (throttle) was applied.
It also had a cool click-click as you made a hard turn or pulled into a parking spot, and you could chirp the hears when pulling out of a corner from a stop, like a stop sign or making a turn from a light, etc.

I would do it again if I had to, but would prefer a selectable locker like an ARB or Eaton, ideally.
gentlemen , thank you for this info.
the links are handy as the dickens
the aussi locker i have is claimed to not fit , no how no way the high pinion 8 inch diff. that is according to Cora at torkmasters. model 94514.
buried deep in my memory someone did use this unit in a montero but i cant remember what or where.
my diff is a 94 high pinion.

Also any driving impressions with this on the front ?


Looking for that thing i just had in my hand...
The 8" lockers are all the same, I took a Detroit from an 8" LP and put it in an 8" HP AND PA_JERO took his 8" HP ARB and put it into an 8" LP.

The different ones are the 7.25 axles, nothing works in those except the old Starion LSD.


I had a Detroit in my front axle and that is supposed to be the best auto locker you can get (now discontinued for the Montero) and I couldn't stand it.

Yes, it provided amazing traction during difficult obstacles but it was squirrely all the time outside of that. It was always pulling you in one way or the other.

And when you think about obstacles difficult enough to need a locker compared to regular dirt roads, it's a tiny %. So I couldn't justify putting up with the torque steer and the Detroit fighting me all all day for a few seconds of benefit. I had it removed and am just running the factory rear air locker now. One day, when I've gotten to a bunch of more important to me mods, I'll put in an air locker in the front. IMHO - air locker, or open diffs. Unless you're building primarily a crawler of course but Monteros aren't the best for that.

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