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This february we decided to go again to Africa via Gibraltar from Poland.

It took us 16 days, 1363 liters of diesel and 13800 km to reach the Senegal river via Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania and back. At the end we were ~7000 km from home and about 200km from Dakar - in the city of Rosso.
The car was a 1999 range rover P38 who had now more than 450000km
This clip below is from one of the days - 500 km from Nouadhibou to Nouakchputt (Mauretania).
If you want to know how looks Mauretania or Morocco - take a look at my YT.
It took us 5 days to cross the Sahara N-S and 5 more to do it again S-N. The journey thru the windy western cost of Africa is for people who like loneliness and open plaines.

Wish it was better cutted. Perfect to get asleep :) and yes... it is the main country road. It is so ...deserted.?

One of my fav: market in Nouakchoutt- capital city of Mauretania

The car
The road


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Very cool! Did you guys camp along the way or stay in accommodations?


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We used to stay in hotels ( yes I know, true overland ?) . In Morocco they are good and cheap. In Western Sahara the usual distance between citys were 500- 600km and the choice not so big but it is OK ( Dakhla was great- kittesurfer Mekka they say).
In Mauritania the hotels were more expensive, not so confy and the choice is small. It was funny bcs all the sources ( google map , "here we go" and the web page) showed diferent localisation of the same hotel. It hapends several times.

We had a tent but we didnt used even once. There is no problem to camp. This is really an empty country...and the police and gendarmerie are everywhere.

Jumping from one city to another had also one major advantage: the food, especially the sea food. If you like this, you are in heaven.

Fish market in Nouakchoutt below
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The pandemic put a hold in our voyages. Then the fuel price with the Ukraine- Russia war. Hope to go again this year.

Some clip from the no men lands between Moroco and Mauritania. Some tarmac was layed but due to the Polisario Front the work was stopped.
Mine fields ;)

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