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Has anyone had any luck finding large metal boxes or fiber glass??? I'm looking for a base to mount on the trailer, to build onto. Everything I've found so far is too big or way too small. truck tool boxes all seem to come in the wrong shapes, and I need to be able to do "bolt" on modification. I'd welcome any help in finding a place to look. My searching has gotten me Zilch....

Rezarf <><

I looked into this for a long time before deciding to scratch build. I bet you could make something work, but I found that the truck boxes that did fit would be so heavy they would loose their advantages quickly.

Jobox and Delta both had really nice sizes, but they ended up in the 350lb range... empty!



Is there a vo-tech school nearby that could take on the challenge? You may get by with just buying the material and a few pizzas.

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You will hate me.

I send literally TONS of big aluminum boxes to scrap. Some 7ft tall. Some 20 inches tall.

I have 3 that at 44 inches tall 32 wide and 27 deep that I bought from the scrap guy. I cut one in half (has doors on both sides) and it formed the roof and side doors on my beater trailer. Once I stripped it out it weighs about 60lb and has insulation panels in it.
Unfortunately we have changed companies we use and I haven't figure out if I can buy this stuff from the new company yet. :(

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I am not certain what size "box" you are looking for, but the military has shipping and holding containers of all sizes. The prices are determined by auction as on ebay. I have used this site many times to obtain many oddball things.

One thing most people do not realize, the military is a city, a state, and a complete country, as everything required to build a "life" is purchased by the military. If you use your can get what you are after for pennies on the dollar. Not everything is "junk" and "garbage" that most think.

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:( Neither the scrap guys, or Uncle Sam seems to throw-away what I want. On the other hand I hadn't thought about the School Shop route. I'm gonna go broke buying beers.... Thanks

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I'm not sure what size box you are looking for, but I would check out marine stores for 'dock boxes'. These are made to sit on the dock at a boat berth ans store all kinds of bulky gear. They are lockable, tough, and made to sit out in the weather. West Marine has them on sale right now.

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GulfShoresFJ60 said:
Grim Reaper,

Is that a Marconi/Emerson box you have mounted on your trailer?
Ohhh you are in the business!!!!!! LOL Yes it is. FE?

Our local scraper sold it to me for his estimated aluminum scrap value (.40 cents a pound is what I think he rated it at). He didn't even care about the A/C units and let me keep them as well. I turned one into a 12v Fridgerator. :) He was super cool about it but he was pulling full trailers of boxes, docom TDMA and FIF's out of us every couple weeks and making some good coin. It is winding down in my market now.

Now I am hearing there is some demand for these boxes again so not sure what he would want now since he has a market to resell if he has any left.

I have about 8-10 on the floor that they have not told me to put on the new scrap company's trailer (out of SC cant remember their name right now) or send back to our reclaim center. Haven't had a chance to talk to their rep and see if they will sell me anything.
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I thought they looked familiar and that color is an Emerson color. It'd be nice if I could get an old cabinet or two, but that probably won't happen for a while. That refridgerator must be pretty nice, there would no way for me to get my hands on one of those - we reuse things like that when we scrap a cabinet.

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