Military Field Desk Jeep JK Cargo Drawer System


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I have been mulling around the idea of a drawer system vs. boxes/trunks for my cargo area of my Jeep. I wanted something that was modular, could be removed, but also allowed for space behind and for my ice chest next to the drawer or box system. I had an epiphany the other day while looking online at an old Military Field Desk that it may make a good organization system. I did more research and the dimension of the field box were PERFECT for what I was looking for. Low and behold, I found one that was in disrepair for a song and got it from a local offroader.

I am fixing one of the drawers currently (why it is missing from some of the pics), but the rest of the box, I cleaned, and wiped with an excessive amount of oil soap. I really like that it is weathered, beat up a bit and unique. It is perfect for what I wanted.

I will update pics with how it looks once the drawer is fixed and I add some gear. I also plan to use some felt or pads to quiet the drawer slides (although, it barely makes a sound as is surprisingly.) I may also affix a flat board to the top that runs the width of my cargo area so I can put more items on top of the box. I also plan to use bungee webbing to run vertically on the drawers to keep them closed when off-roading. The box will be tied down to the cargo area using the handles on the box and tie down straps so I can remove as needed.

I plan to fill the box with camping supplies, cooking supplies and other items I don't want to get dirty on the outside of my jeep or in my trailer. This will be great for the Death Valley Trip I am planning through OB in March.

The box/drawers, there are seven total:

Sides with handle and mounting points:

Desk attached to box. The desk itself becomes a lid/closure on the box:

Inside the Jeep Cargo Area:

Becomes a great Cook area with my tailgate table (I made) and if I use my Olympian Camp Kitchen next to the Jeep.

Plenty of room behind box and rear seats for more gear:

The nostalgia of the box is awesome and unique, I think one of the reasons I like it so much. It still has the original lettering on the drawers:

They are deep and can be removed on the bottom if I just want to put gear into the chest without the drawers:

There are newer styles of the field desks that you can find online, that have plastic drawers, however, I liked the look of the wood and the availability of this one sealed the deal for me.


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That's pretty neat. Nice find.


I've been going back and forth between a drawer system, or trunk boxes. I wanted something though that was modular and removable. I have been looking and scheming for months on what to do and I think my biggest achievement is I will be able to sleep at night now, not thinking so much about what I can do in my cargo area! HAHA. ....although now, I will be up thinking how to configure this desk box. :wings:


I just bought a 2018 JKUR so I'll be perusing all the Jeep related threads here for ideas. I'm sure I have a few sleepless nights ahead of me.


great idea! BTW - rub a candle on the rails for smooth drawer sliding. Pro-tip from someone who lives in an old house with occasionally sticky wooden doors :)

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How much better can it get than having that in your Jeep! :victory:
Add a couple of Field Manuals for some great reading time. :drool:


The plastic version is Heavy!, and there is lots of wasted space. I have one sitting in my garage right now, not sure if I would use that in the cargo area of my Jeep. Use what works best for you, just giving some insight on this.


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Thank you @Tarditi for the tip on the candle wax! I will do that!

I got mine for a song at $50 cause it needed some small repairs (already fixed). I have seen them for quite expensive prices online, but they can be had for lower prices if you search. Thanks @jscherb for the link to some that are lower price.

The weight says 78-83 depending on the website, however, I may or may not take the lid which lowers the weight by about 10-15lbs. The desk/trunk itself is very easy to pickup and move, although very sturdy and solid. I am very happy with it so far. I put some oil soap on the outside and inside and it looks very nice now. At 80#, this setup is still much less weight than most drawer systems. I also am planning to affix a board/shelf to the top that runs the width of my cargo area for more storage options on top. I will put tie down loops on the shelf for added organization and stability.

I have already driven for over 100mi on roads, dirt and highway with it in the back and I almost forget it's back there. The drawers are actually quite solid and once I fill them, even more so. I also plan to put some rubber matting at the bottom of the drawers for sound and vibration of items inside.

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