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I have a 2016 Ford F-350 Platinum diesel with an XP Camper flatbed and camper. The truck has 35k miles and it is the long bed model so it has the storage compartment in between the camper and cab. The flatbed has an additional 4 storage boxes underneath and a slide out tray with storage in the rear as well. I purchased this rig recently and took it straight to Nimbl Vehicles. The camper is currently being worked on at the Nimbl factory in Colfax California, adding upgrades from the new nimbl evolution while refurbishing everything else. If the item isn’t new, then it will be serviced. The camper should be ready to enjoy within the next couple of weeks.

If you have any questions please call or text me.
Robert 818-636-7261

*UPDATE: Camper will be ready by 6/11/21

- Truck upgrades

Icon reservoir shocks

Fuel wheels

Two waterproof air compressors behind storage boxes (one on each side)

Buckstop front bumper

Warn 16.5 ti winch

Titan extended feul tank

Firestone air bags

- Camper upgrades

v1 hydraulic lift latching system ($3500)

Hydraulic electric needle valve lockout ($700)

Sliders and barrel bolt upgrades ($550)

Aluminum honeycomb bed platform($1050)

Aluminum honeycomb shower top with polished aluminum (mirror) inside ($1000)

Upgrade to the new brush seal on the inside of the camper ($1050)

Upgrade to new UV water filter ($1300)

2 new maxxfan plus fans ($450)

Tent has been removed and cleaned and refitted with new Velcro ($400)

Fuel line plummed directly to extended feul tank ($500)

Upgraded wiring (500)

Webasto heater fully serviced ($840)

New smoke/CO detector($80)

Windows polished ($140)

Nimble evolution graphics

New toilet holding tank

New style shower curtain

The whole camper has been resealed (windows, skylight, and vents) and all of the rubber seals around the camper and flatbed are brand new

The entire camper is being inspected, refurbished if needed, and cleaned by Nimbl.






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Well, my plans changed. I was planning to spend most of my time off grid, but I will now have to be in one area for the most part for work. I will be using the van mostly for mountain biking and surfing. Also, I will be stealth camping the so the XP will not be Ideal.

Interesting. I went from an XP to a Sprinter. Curious as to why you are doing it?


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I have only driven the car from Southern California to Northern California over a two day period. My mini golden doodle puppy spent one night in it.
I have 2 questions; have any pets been in it while you full timed? Any pics of the interior?
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