Motorbike Overlanding vs 4 Wheels...


Quote: Sounds wonderful! Lifetime opportunity! Thrilling........


I must guess that 4 wheels would be best. As a lifetime rider, have always found that it is only a small percentage of riders that are happy with long days riding, more so day after day. Have friends, neighbours, and family that all ride, but they all hesitate riding with me because I am happiest just endlessly spending time riding. I stopped joining groups rides in my 40s because everyone else stops so often. And I'm not talking about fast highway bike, but backroads and dirt roads.

If you're group of friends are all happy with day after day long hours in the saddle.... You are very lucky group

Hope it works out! Me, there were 4 of us that planned to ride to Panama after university (1989). As time passed, 2 decided to forget about bikes, they only liked riding fast for short trips, and take 2 vehicles. After 2 dropped out because of girlfriends, and 1 getting a dream job. Not even mentioning the few people that heard of that plan and insisted on joining us.

I ended up doing it myself in a 1985 Toyota Van, making it as far a Costa Rica. It was the most memorable trip of my life, but I did wish occasionally that I could have shared it with someone

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