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Hello guys,

Thanks for accepting me in your forum.
So i am looking to buy a new adventure suit for the upcoming trip i am planning but i dont want to spend a fortune (i.e. Klim).

I am in between the following:

-revit sand 3
-dainese explorer
-siima sibirsky super adventure

Any other suggestions? Also, whats the most important things i should look for in a suit?

Much obliged.



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Several of my friends have purchased the MSR Alterra jacket from IronPony

It's been on sale for $99 for a while. They love the venting and all the features. (Edit: Looks like they only have small size available)

There are tons of options out there that aren't the big expensive brands, but fitment can be an issue.

TourMaster makes some nice budget minded jackets with tons of nice options.
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I started with a Tourmaster jacket and Klim Dakar pants ($250 total). Since then, I've upgraded to Klim Badlands Pro gear. Son got the pants and loves them. Jacket served its purpose but doesn't vent well enough when hot ( I live just outside of hell- Phoenix, AZ).

What I found is the Badlands jacket perforepmed awesome. You can get a lightly used Latitude for cheap if you head of this site to another adventure bike forums flea market.

Ultimately, you get what you pay for with your gear. Please don't skimp on helmets and other safety gear.


Think outside the box. Check classifieds on advrider. I scored a hi-viz mesh Olympia jacket with a rain & cool weather liner for $15 at my local Goodwill store.


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Do not compromise on your gear. It is between you and whatever you fall down on, and you will fall down.
For me, if you are going to be riding around for awhile, like touring or a multi week or month vacation, then pony up for the most comfortable and protective gear you can.
Try it all on if you can and then decide.
I like the Aerostich Darien line. It is pricey, but not Rukka pricey, and you get a very versatile setup. Jacket with whatever liner you decide on, and pants.
You are good to go.

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I would strongly recommend the REVIT Sand 3. I've tested more than a dozen suits in just two years and that one stands out. Sinuhe Xavier was a fellow tester during my big Overland Journal suit review and we both felt the Sand 2 performed exceptionally well against suits pushing $2500. I have the Sand Urban and really love it. Same features as the Sand 3 but different fabric and slightly leaner cut.

I would also suggest the Alpinestars Valparaiso 2. I really didn't like the first generation Valparaiso suit, but the Gen 2 is miles better. Again, it has nearly identical features to my $2000 Held suit, which even looks just like the Valparaiso.

There are tons of nice suits to pick from. One thing all of us on the OJ suit test team noticed, it matters not how good a given suit is if it doesn't fit. Even an average suit with perfect fit is far better than an ill-fitted perfect suit.

Revzilla. Buy a suit. CAREFULLY try it on. If it doesn't fit, send it back.


Depends on particulars IMHO.
If I wanted to be cheaper than I already am I would buy a second hand mesh jacket with a good wind/water resistant liner and then buy a nice wool sweater to wear underneath. and a scarf since I lose most of my heat through my giraffe neck...

Otherwise I would just buy a Klim or hope that Aerostitch (MN represent!) has something on their clearance rack when I stop in.

An afterthought- Klim now produces a "dust suit" for SxS drivers. Buy an XL and wear that over your regular gear and it will keep dry stuff off you. It's not so good in the wet though. $120 I think is MSRP. Fits over my moto boots great. and I dont care if I spill oil or grease on it.
after after though: The terra firma suit is NOT a moto suit and does NOT have armor in it.
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