My 96 F250 Powerstroke aka Tiny Dancer


Well I pulled the carrier back out last night to verify the brand of R&P. The Ring gear only has some numbers stamped on it (373, 3CAA, & one other code), but the pinion has FOMOCO, 373, & 3CAA. This tells me I have an OE Ford matched 3.73 R&P as expected.

The old pinion bearing appears to be much thicker than the replacement though, accounting for my shallow pinion depth. There aren't any markings on the old bearing for identification, but the old race is a Timken and when I look up I get an 08-10 pinion bearing race, also correct as expected. The replacement pinion bearing supplied in the kit is visually thinner (probably about 100 thousands or so), and a slightly different design (many smaller bearing rollers, original is fewer larger bearing rollers). It is a Timken also, and the part number checks out as the correct replacement bearing (checked via Randy's R&P, Yukon gear install kit, and any other websites I could find). I will get a picture of the differences tonight for reference.

I'm a bit baffled at this point, being an OE R&P, it would have to be a 10.5" ring as I don't believe Ford offered 3.73 back in the 10.25 days. Also w/ all the other part numbers checking out, I can't figure out why I'm having pinion depth issues. Any insight from those with more differential experience on here?

In the meantime, I'm continuing w/ the rest of the axle modifications & maintenance.


A quick update,

Turns out the pinion bearing provided as part of Nitro Gear's package was incorrect for this application (as expected). I took a gamble and ordered a Timken bearing & race off of rock auto, and it worked out great. W/ my new bearing pressed on my pinion depth was dead on, and even the backlash was perfect re-using the factory shims. With that out of the way I was finally able to finish up the rest of the axle.

That being said, I found Tiny's excessive size too much for most of my activities, and decided it made more sense to let it go and focus on my trusty 4Runner. Tiny is now in the hands of another, who has big plans for long travel TTB diesel goodness. Hopefully he does a better job carrying through with his plans than I do.

Anyone need a set of superduty axles?


I am thinking of get a 2500 Chevy and slide in camper that way I can haul a trailer with four wheeler and dirt bike.

As for getting the axles out you could have pushed them out but accidents can happen anytime a simple paper cut can make some one bleed to death lol. But next time build 2 triangles on each side with 2 2x4 nailed together connecting them like an A frame much less material and way Easier! Good luck on build!

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