My M101 OR M416 Trailer Build

Hey Ya'll!

Im new to the forum and am buying either an M101A2 or a M416 trailer this weekend to start my build. I have read just about everything there is on both trailers and have two major issues. The first is that I need to carry two dual sports everywhere I go because 4 wheels is less fun. Sorry. Second, I need to carry about 20K+ of camera gear on the road with me safely in a bed or access cab based vault.

What I need to carry:

1. Suzuki DR650
2. Yamaha XT225
3. CVT Mt. Shasta with Awning
4. 2 Video cameras, 4 lenses, two drones, monopod, tripod, 2 light tubes, two stands, batteries and chargers. (basically four 1510 Pelican cases and some change)
5. Camp kitchen
6. 10 gallons of extra fuel (At least)
7. 3 Northface Duffles of clothes and sleeping bags (my girlfriend travels with me)
8. Cat. Shut it. My cat is ************.
9. Shovel
10. Traction Pads
11. Trail Jack
12. 5 Gallon Water
13. Propane
14. Goal Zero Yeti 400 and Two panels
15. 2 Spare Tires

I have the V6 4.0L Tacoma with a max capacity of 6500lbs (aiming for 3000lbs build fully loaded). I have read all the threads about the M101A2 trailer being to wide but the M416 won't even hold one of my Motorcycles. Trailer being level isn't a concern since I have a 4" lift with Pro Comp From Suspension. Need to upgrade the rear.

My concerns are as follows:

1. Getting to a campsite that has a short but steep grade with a M101A2 Rig
2. Motos in Trailer or in Truck Bed?
3. Tent on Truck or on Trailer?
4. Hard Topper with Truck Vault or Soft Topper with Bed Rack for Tent?
5. Access Cab Vault and Soft Topper with Rack for Tent over Topper?

As you can see, I am really trying to think this through. I just ended a 6000+ Mile road trip around the country camping most of the time and HATED the bed tent option we used. Quick access to camera /drone gear is a must and dirt bikes can't be left again.


I am seriously looking at the M101A2 despite the size and weight issues. I just can't afford to get an aluminum one.

Let the games begin!


101 is going to be your best best. The M416 will limit the amount of gear to one bike....and you might even be hard pressed to get that in with a bit of gear. Good luck!!


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I'm carrying similar equipment minus the camera gear. My plan is a m101a2 with a custom rack for a rtt and tall enough for the bikes to fit underneath. I have the tent, bikes, and trailer. Figuring out the rack design right now.

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fwiw, I agree w/ dswafford. I'm working on a 416 now and they're pretty small. I don't think a bike would fit without cutting a tailgate and having it hang out the back some. So then, if the bikes go in the truck, you don't have the secure storage you want, so I think an M101 is a better starting point.


Good call pinz ....even with the tailgate on mine, I measured roughly 76" from front wall to the tip of the gate. A tight fit indeed. Plus jerry cans, totes, and basic supplies, gonna be tight. Are the 101's as common as the 416?


I bought an m101A3 and then narrowed the fenders in to the A2 style (flush with the bed sides) and put a narrower axle under it (planned anyway to match my Toyota lug pattern). If I remember correctly the trailer is 74" wide on the outside, about 1" wider than my 4runer gen 4runner with the big flares and about the same as my 2009 Tacoma double cab.

I have mine on 285/75/16 and while I originally planned a rack and RTT, I ended up buying a Fleetwood Neon for camping and primarily use the M101 as a utility trailer. It is perfect, I wouldn't even consider at 416 based on the cargo you plan to carry. I pulled the m101 from Telluride to Ouray with my 3rd gen 4runner over Imogene Pass without ANY problems, it will go wherever your truck goes.

Now that I've decided to not make it an "off road camper" I plan to actually lower it down a little more to make loading big loads (like my own dirtbikes, mulch, firewood, etc) a little easier to manage.

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