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Hi truck campers out there, I have a situation that I will need your experience or opinions on two truck campers. I found two similar years (2000 ish for both) of Capri Cowboy and FWC Eagle not far from me with similar price ($6000). I'm leaning toward FWC because of the simplicity. But I really like the interior of the Capri (but we will remove the bathroom if we end up with it). Please talk me out of either or both. I'm towing with a 1995 F350.

Side note: I'm at the same time converting a SpaceKap Plus but got busy this year and really need time to go out camping. So I'm thinking of buying a second camper while working on it so I don't have to "hate" only working on the building part.

Thanks in advance!


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So you want to buy another to work on so you don't have to work on the one you have?
Keep working n git er done.
Sorry for the confusion. I want to buy one that I can continue camping during the building of the SpaceKap. I don't know how long the build will take. Maybe a year. So we want to make sure we can still go out during this time.


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My 2¢ is you’ll likely find that you wind up getting more use out of the Eagle since you'll probably be happy to leave it on your truck full time. It’ll be always ready to go on a moment’s notice.

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