New Defender 90 vs. 2 Door Wrangler Rubicon


After owning a newer Discovery (similar electronics to the new Defender) and Owning a Jeep JK 4 door with a manual transmission. Here are my thoughts on the subject.

Take the Defender and tow the Jeep to the trail, then wheel the Jeep. Be it over Engineer Pass, or any of those passes or Moab trails I would take the Jeep every day.

My Jeep has 33" tires 3" lift 3:73 gears and loaded was a slug on the highway. Noisy (I have a hard top), slow, and in a headwind with the RTT, it was everything I could to to stay at 70MPH on a flat. Yes better gearing will fix that, but after driving from Virginia to Colorado it is just OK.
The Rover however was amazing on the highway and zero fatigue on the driver.

The electronic in the new Land Rovers are amazing they damn near drive themselves, heck if it is stuck give it a few moments and it will readjust and continue on.
Not once this summer wheeling my Discovery did I ever feel it was not capable and not once did it ever falter, and that is the problem, it takes all of the fun out of offroading and back country wheeling. It was the most boring drive I ever had. I did similar trails in my Jeep and it was a blast, the smile was ear to ear. I think even in an automatic Jeep I would have had just as much fun.

My thoughts.
I know I am about to get off topic here, but my general advice runs along these lines.

It is so much more fun to offroad a cheaper, capable vehicle you don't really care about than a newer more expensive one you're going to fret over scratching. For the price of a new Defender though, you could own a 2018+ daily tow rig with a factory extended warranty, a trailer, and a dedicated offroader. Of course if you are limited on space you don't have the luxury of owning a nice daily/tow rig, a trailer, and an offroader.

I recently tried to explain this to a friend that has been obsessed with getting a 4x4 for years (tired of riding and got the bug). He didn't have room for multiple cars, much less a trailer. He bought a brand new truck, came to one trail, balked at the inevitable pin-striping, and is back in the passenger seat when the trail starts. His truck looks good at the grocery store parking lot next to other guys' trucks in the same boat though.

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