New Manufacturer: Cave Campers - 750 lbs, $<10k, high quality


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We've created a new truck camper and we'd love to get your feedback on it. Our vision was to design a truck camper for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to maximize their time outdoors while minimizing hassle and expense. Key design principles included: lightweight (750 lbs.), durability, and ease of cleaning. It is priced at $9,950.

What I personally really like about it:

1. At 750 lbs. it's a fit for a 1/2 ton with plenty of payload left to haul a trailer/boat. If you do the math, there just isn't much on the market that makes sense for a 1/2 ton.

2. By removing the kitchen and bathroom it feels incredibly spacious inside. It's easy to move around and storing and removing gear is easy with all the flexible storage options. I prefer to cook and use the bathroom outside versus in a confined space.

3. There is nothing to break. The hinges, material, and construction is incredibly tough.

4. The insulation is awesome. With composite panels of 1.5" of foam sandwiched between fiberglass it's like I'm inside a big cooler.

5. At the end of the trip, every surface is easy to wipe down and I can even hose it out.​

Here are some pictures of the prototype. The production model starts to ship in December which will remove the gap between the front storage and top of cab, add a table, and add a queen bed sleeping configuration.

Let us know what you think!

Cave Collage.jpg


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Thanks for sharing Dylan. Lots of attractiveness here;
--Composite 1.5" construction
--Can be hosed out
--Very fair price for the above

Are these bench seats movable(difficult to tell from the pic if they come out)?

Any pictures of the new model with add'l table and queen bed setup?

For those of us looking for a lower overall height cabover or non-cabover model, will Cave be offering those in the future? Any possibility of a hinging top then for the lower height cabover?
Can buyers spec their own windows (ie Seitz/Dometic) and have those installed?

Are cabins picked up in WA or OR?



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Cave questions

The bench seats extend so that they make for wider beds when sleeping two singles. I'm 6' 3" and am incredibly comfortable sleeping in the camper. Then of course the table drops down and you re-arrange cushions to make for a queen sized bed.

New pics of the new model coming soon. Actually, I have some 3D renderings I'll post.

We have some more research to do before we offer a camper that involves more moving parts and possibly fabric to achieve a lower height. I think we have some things to learn about the size of that market and the engineering required to align with our durability vision. In other words, we want to meet customer demand but we aren't going to compromise on quality.

I have an open question with our product design folks on your window question.

We can ship the camper at various prices that seem to max out at around $1k in N. America depending on your distance from the PNW. Otherwise, you can pick them up in WA.


Good point, we should do a better job showing tie downs. The L brackets that hold the jacks also have holes to tie down the camper in a traditional way.


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Windows ...

Can buyers spec their own windows (ie Seitz/Dometic) and have those installed?

We're actually making some window decisions. I'd be interested in getting feedback on these two options or any others that you think are better choices.



Der Chef der Fahrzeuge
Thanks much Dylan. Such a clean look inside!
Looking forward to new renderings.
Regarding windows, I'd opt for the first option (Seitz/Dometic-style). When it's raining here in the PNW, it'd be nice to be able to have the window tilted out a little bit; rain falls on it and rolls off, vs possibly into a sliding window. Also, I'd assume the first option would have integrated blackout shades, bug screens?


+1, and I like the larger opening of the first option also. Are there insulating versions available?


I really like the simplicity! Keeps costs low, and allows alot of customization by the customer (that sounds redundant haha).

That's one thing that has steered me away from truck campers...manufacturers try to cram all the comforts of home into them and the next thing you know you can barely turn around and the thing weighs a metric ton.

I really like what you all have done here!

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That's one thing that has steered me away from truck campers...manufacturers try to cram all the comforts of home into them and the next thing you know you can barely turn around and the thing weighs a metric ton.

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Pinnacle Campers

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Looks great. I agree that a bathroom is the last thing you want in a camper this size.
I'm not in the market (kinda done with pickups) but I have some questions/recommendations based on experience,
When the bed is made into a queen is there anywhere to stand on the floor?
I would suggest putting in a wider rear door.

Has anyone considered "bistro height" benches and tables in these? Seems like you would gain more bench storage, lower cg for stored items at the expense of "upper" cabinet storage.


I love this concept. Simple, lightweight, easy to clean. Although I am not yet in the market for a slide-in. Pending what Ford does with the new Ranger. I would be interested in a flat-bed pop-up version of one of these in the near future. Even lighter (maybe, I am guessing), more aerodynamic, lower profile for tree branches and trails.

I agree with getting the CoG as low as possible for the storage items and built in shelves. Screens for the windows are a must and I do like the flip window style for one side, and possibly a slider window for the other with a slider screen for under the canopy/awning side.

Provisions for solar panels with interior and exterior outlets would be the only finishing touches.


Looks great! I love the simplicity of it. Will you allow for different shapes per the customers request? (ie. flatbed or different heights)

Thanks for being innovative and bringing more options!


I am in the same boat here, looking for a light, aero, pop up for the new ranger or Tacoma with a flatbed. And one that does not have the stupid aluminum siding to look like a 90s shaggin wagon. Paint matching would also be really cool, or maybe I just wrap the vehicle and camper.

I really like the Uro-Campers that exist in europe, if we could have something like that here that could be bought for 10k empty I would jump on that ASAP.


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Hi Dylan,

Thanks for posting about this new product.

Did you folks start with the camper from CCV (Canadian Commercial Vehicles)?

Have been interested in that design for quite some time (so long that the name of the company changed), but had a hard time getting any response from them... Very glad that you've picked up the ball and run with it.

Regarding the windows, please do go with the top-hinged Seitz windows (rather than the sliders - IIRC, the sliders are a bit more costly also), and perhaps consider to offer upgrades, such as the glass ones from Outbound (, please.

Know you're planning to adjust down the cab/cabover gap at the front, and if possible perhaps making that a bit adjustable will help folks have a better fit for their respective vehicles.

The interior renderings are nice. I think my wife would approve. However, we would need a place to store a porta-potty please. Perhaps a smallish storage locker at the front... ? We would want the queen-size bed arrangement, too.

As we are very interested in winter camping, your planned offering has a lot going for it.

Thank you.
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