New shoes for my Taco...Need recommendations


When I bought my current BFG AT KO2's I did not know I was getting E-rated tires. I have been running BFG's for 30 years or so and every pair of the truck tires had been C-rated. Apparently moving from 15" to 16" rims all but eliminates C-rated options (apparently now called SL?).

The E-rated tires on my truck currently pull the truck hard to the right. I mean hard to the right, like the tires wants to murder me. I cannot let go of the steering wheel for a second unless I want to merge into the car on my right or end up in a ditch. I've been working with two dealerships thinking something was wrong with the truck. There isn't. It is definitely the tires.

Discount Tire i giving me credit, based on my tread depth, towards some new shoes, but I have never bought anything other than BFG for my trucks and cars. I had been casually looking at and leaning very hard towards some Cooper's, but the only option available in the C(SL) rating is the AT34S, which I am not impressed by at all.

I looked at Hankook, Yokohama, Goodyear, Cooper, General, Toyo, and Falken. Never have liked Toyo's really, and I honestly have always hated Goodyear's...had a bad experience.

DT says the Duratrac is their best seller and they have a newish, exclusive to DT, Goodyear Ultra Terrain. Online makes the Duratrac's seem like they're loud, rough, have weak sidewalls, and poor wear. Goodyear offers no info on the Ultra Terrain, but they look good.

Didn't like the Yokohama's, and all others, except Falken, don't offer my size in the C(SL) rating - 265/75/16 (2016 Tacoma)

I'm leaning towards the Falken's, but I know nothing about them. My truck is a DD with occasional hauling/towing, off-road use is mostly forest service roads, and winter use to get to the mountains for fun in the snowflake rated is best.

What are others experiences with the Falken Wildpeak A/T3W's? Anyone run those Goodyear Ultra Terrains? Other recommendations?


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Do you really need the hard core off road tires? I switched from the BFG Rugged Terrain to the more mild hybrid BFG Advantage Sports on my much heavier Sequoia and I really like them!


I prefer a more true all-terrain tire. Those Advantage Sports look nice, but seem a lot more road-oriented than what I would like.


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Yeah I thought the same they are a hybrid tread. More AT than highway thats for sure. A muddy trip to the dump with 1800lbs of trailer changed my view on these tires. I drove right past three stuck pickups two with typical big 4x4 chunky tires on them.

I think especially in the “Overland” circles over kill is the norm not the exception. Based on your use description I bet these tires not only do what you need but do it better.


Most manufacturers will offer an LT265/75/16 and a P265/75/16. The LT version is built to different load carrying capacities and thus is typically Load Range E. The "P-metric" version should be lighter and and are typically not Load Range E certified. They're still plenty of tire for a mid size truck.

Also, have you looked at the Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 3? I've not run the 3 yet, but we have put 50k miles on a set of the Revo 2s and I've been really happy with them. The LT265/75/16 will be E rated, but the P265/75/16 is not.

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I run E rated A/TW3's. I'm running them at about 33 PSI in each and find the ride quite acceptable, although my low tire pressure warning system hates me. So far, I've really liked them. We'll probably put them on the Wife's Ram 1500 when the time comes. The Goodyear Ultra Terrain tread pattern is very similar/derivative to the A/TW3. When I had my Tacoma I was very happy with Firestone Destination ATs. I see they now have a Destination XT, also similar to the A/TW3.


We went with the ******** Cepek Extreme's for the first set on our Tacoma, so far only about 200 miles on them so cant really report on tread wear. They are a load range E, but so far I really like the ride. Just a little more noise than the Goodyear all terrains.


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Ditch BFGs. E rating has absolutely nothing to do with it and the harshness is vastly overstated. Duratracs are good in snow and not much else and have wimpy sidewalls. Not just parroting that either I have run across too many in the field and in travel videos to ever consider them. Cooper, Toyo, General, and Falken all make decent tires. My. 02

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Not associated with General, just like the tires


Falkens are widely used by Taco enthusiasts on By people who are on street, overlanding, weekendering and even some of the more serious off-roaders.


I highly recommend the Falken Wild Peak tires. We switched two years ago on all our company trucks. Mostly 1 ton trucks on 60 % gravel roads carrying over 1,500 lbs all the time. The flats were 40 % less then the Goodyear Duratrack tires we ran previously. Same main line access roads.
However the Duratrack is a mush more aggressive and better tire for all types of traction especially shoulder season with mud. Any way what I'm saying is the Falken was a great product and reduced ed our costs and down time substantially. Good tires! Falken Wild Peak and Goodyear Duratrack are great tires for an all terrain tire. The latter being better for more aggressive terrain and the former better for flat resistance.

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Just a quick note: SL ratings tend to be the P-sized tires. C-rage tires are still a step up in weight/sidewall layers.


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My vote General Tire either AT/X or X3
X3 are great for off road mud, loud on road, ok in snow
AT/X are great for towing, hauling quite on road and above average off road ability.
I have had both on my Tacoma and just went back to AT/X.20190927_120046.jpg20190609_165645.jpg

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