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Hello everyone! I've had pickup trucks all my life, and will most likely always have one, but my wife has expressed interest in more family camping, and my 3/4 ton Ford just isn't as comfortable a ride on the highway, nor nimble enough for light to moderate trail use. I think the best choice for my family will be a 100 series cruiser. I want an 80 series really bad, but as it will also be her daily driver, the comforts of the 100 will better suit our current needs. My question is, what should I watch out for while looking? I've found quite a few in the $18,000-$20,000 range in the 140-155k mile range. Does this seem about right? I don't feel like I have an issue purchasing one around 150k, and expecting it to go for another 100k. Am I right on this? Any tips, tricks, insights and opinions would be appreciated! Thanks! And I look forward to being a contributing member of the forum soon!

The price seems a little high for the mileage unless you are talking about a 2006 or 2007 maybe. Even in California where they are tough to find, $10k can get you one with 150,000 or fewer miles if you go for a pre-2003. If you are going to spend $20k I would certainly look for a 2007 and you might even be able to get one with around 100,000 miles if you are willing to travel to get it. Just had one around here that was a 2005 I believe with 35,000 miles sell for $29k, so low mileage certainly can get expensive.


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Thanks for the great information. I have seen several 2006 and 2007 with 140-160k miles just under 20 grand. Seems a little high, but for a vehicle that 60 or 70 new, doesn't seem unrealistic. My first wanted mods would be body protection (sliders and rear bumper, possibly front) I'm leery of the AHC in the Lexus models, but not ruling them out. I don't want to compromise the on road handli ng, but will need something fairly capable offroad. Once again, thanks for the advice! I'll keep my eyes peeled for worthy rigs.
I thought later year 100 series land cruisers had ahc also? I wouldn't worry too much, if you are factoring in changing suspension anyways it's only a few more hours to remove ahc. Dont look just around you, I would look in maybe a 500 mile radius because they are somewhat rare. If you are willing to fly out and drive back, you should have no problem finding a low miles 06 or 07 for around $20k

Edit: just checked cars . Com and just by searching 2004-2007 land cruisers have found several, one is a 2004 with about 74,000 for $23k and even that is from a dealer. Shop around and I'm sure you can get a nice low miles one, I would go 2004+ for the back up camera though


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I would go 2004+ for the back up camera though

That's why you'd go 04+??? You know you can get a back up camera for about $100 on Amazon, right?? The 5 speed trans might be a reason to go newer, but I chose my year based on factory lockers and no AHC.


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Finally located my rig! It's a 2006 LX 470, I'll be picking it up later this week. It currently has studded tires on it, so first order of business will be swapping those out. Most likely going with bfg at. Any thoughts? Planning on 285 75 18. Always ready for input!


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Guess I should research before I decide what tires I want, and make sure they even make them in the size i want..

Open to suggestions for a moderately aggressive tire with good road manners.


275x70R18 is a nice size with lots of tire choices. BFG, TOYO, Cooper, Nitto all carry that size in their A/T tire lines.


I (and many others) love the BFG ATs my next set in my 80 will be the newer AT KO2.

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This. Love my ATs and my next will be the KO2s. Go with those, thicker sidewall. Congrats on the purchase, but you really need to post some pics of it :)


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I haven't taken possession yet, as soon as I do I will post some pics. Ordered the KO2 in the 275/70R18 size. Found a great price online, and the local Discount tire is matching the price. I love dealing with Discount, they have always done great work and treated me fairly in the past. I'm pretty excited, this should be a nice upgrade from my last rig, which was a 1980 Jeep Cherokee Chief. It was a lot of fun, and was a dedicated toy, while this will serve double duty as my wife's DD, and our weekend getaway vehicle to secluded camping spots. Looking forward to finally being a contributing member of this group.


You're getting into one of the best rigs 80 series would be THE best, but good choice nonetheless. As far as tires in 285, check out the Toyo Open Country AT-II extremes...I run them in 315 and they are sweet!

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