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Hey all. I am new to the portal and love the outdoors. Especially traveling the roads and camping. I have a rack that I am going to bring to market here in about a month. It’s kind of a overlanding/chase/do all rack. Cross between the full bed length models, chase racks, and headache racks. I designed it in 2015/2016 and have used it on a GMC 2500 HD prior to the Gen 1 Raptor. It has held up great. It is very versatile & very rigid. I use it for everything…. Paddleboards, lumber, surfboards, river raft, etc. Certain roof top tents will be able to bolt to it as well as awnings. The rack can move forward & back on its’ supports 1' comfortably with a 5 minute adjustment. It is also universal, as you can take it from one truck to the next. It will come powder coated black. The rack can be flipped upside down to expose the rails for tying gear down. Allows for 4’ vertical room under rack to bed surface on full size and just under 4’ for midsized. I will have a mid-sized truck version as well. These can also fit on Tundras and Tacomas with their track system. Several different bolting and slot systems allow for different types of mounting. Full size rack is 6’-2”L x 5’-2 ½” W with 24” of clearance from top bed rail to underside of rack, midsized will be 4’-2”long x 4’-10” W with 20” of clearance from top bed rail to underside of rack. I will have some other products that will come after these. Looking to spread the word and get input. Let me know if you guys are interested or have questions.raptorrack1.jpgraptorrack4.jpgraftonrack.jpg
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