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With new homepage info:

Straight from the home page. Looks like Warn is coming out with something new



From this post:

10/4/2012) Just minutes ago, we got a first look at the new Warn Zeon winch line that Warn will be launching at the 2012 SEMA show in about four weeks.

It is available in 8,000, 10,000, or 12,000-pound steel cable versions, or in 8,000 and 10,000-pound synthetic line versions.

The new Zeon line of Warn winches feature larger planetary and sun gears that use larger retaining pins (still employs a three-stage design).

There is an updated clutch engagement handle (for free spooling the cable) and a removable remote-mount control box.

The Zeon winches are IP68 rated for superior sealing against the elements.

The motor caps on the Zeon winches also use five cap bolts instead of two (for better sealing).

The brushes are mounted against the aluminum drum to improve heat dissipation.

The new aluminum drum is larger than on other predating models--measures in at 3.15 inches.

There is also a new wire rope anchor in the drum that uses a slot to lock in a puck.

That's all we know for now. We'll let you know if we find out anything new

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Over the last three years WARN has quietly been working with consumers to find out exactly what they wanted in a winch and more importantly—how they wanted a winch to perform. WARN equipped consumers with a variety of prototype models and asked for feedback and honest evaluation and the result is the brand-new WARN ZEON Series. The robust aluminum winch is available in three different capacities with traditional steel rope: 8,000, 10,000 and 12,000 pounds, and two capacities being offered with WARN's Spydura synthetic rope: 8,000 and 10,000 pounds. Oh, and major points to WARN for making the ZEON right here in America.


The ZEON has been completely built from the ground up and features a symmetrical design which completely does away with any exposed wires on the outside of the housing in addition to providing IP68 sealing to keep the elements where they belong.


Three-stage planetary gear train
Convertible control pack
Large diameter aluminum drum
Automatic mechanical brake
Stainless steel hardware
New motor and motor housing
Contactor control
IP86 rated weather sealing
Satin black powder coat finish


WARN is offering its Spydura synthetic rope on 8,000 and 10,000 pound variations.

Synthetic models Include

100’ of 3/8” WARN
Spydura® synthetic rope,
A ballistic nylon sliding chafe sleeve
Polished Aluminum Hawse Fairlead


Standard versions of the ZEON come with steel wire rope and a roller fairlead. The ZEON 8 comes with 100' of 5/16" wire rope, while the ZEON 10 and ZEON 12 comes with 80' of 3/8" wire rope.


A winch rope cover is available as an accesory to help protect your rope or wire from the elements.


In factory form, the ZEON has the control pack mounted ontop of the winch, if this doesn't fit your application, WARN has a Control Pack relocation kit available.



ZEON 8 - $999.00

ZEON 10 - $1099.00

ZEON 12 - $1199.00

ZEON 8-S $1249.00

ZEON 10-S $1349.00

Hill Bill E.

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Looks like they squished Darth Vaders head, and slapped a "W" on it!

Nice pricing though!

Would look out of place on my old CJ, but would look really good on a lot of the newer vehicles, as streamlined as it is.

Brian McVickers

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After seeing the Warn ZEON winches perform to day in the field and talking with some of the engineers it is apparent that the new line of winces is not only an aesthetic change but also a big change on the inside to improve durability and performance.

- The motors are stronger

- The gearing is stronger: The gear faces are wider. The sun gear is more robust. The carrier plates are thicker and the gears are using 6 carrier pins vs the previous 3 pins. In addition the carrier pins are now swaged rather than staked.

- The entire winch is rated for IP68, the highest rating of solid and liquid ingress protection. Essentially they be submerged 3 feet deep for at least 30 minutes and still work. On the motor alone they went from 12 potential leak points down to 5 in the new design.

- Duty cycle has improved by approximately 25%.

- The use of aluminum housings with 9 internal heat sinks on each side and an aluminum drum have significantly reduced heat buildup.

- The tie rods have been replaced with a tie plate.

- The older style 2.5 inch drum has been upgraded to a 3.15 inch aluminum drum that is one piece with no weld seems.

- The drum attachement point now uses a pass through and puck securing system to attach the rope to the drum, a big advance in safety.

Lots more to share including pictures and video!


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Looks very promising (maybe even expensive!). Anyone have any specifics on what they're using for electrical controls? I think by far the electrics are where most winches fail.

I agree with what someone else said. This looks great but not on a classic Landy or FJ40.

Brian McVickers

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Did they finally move the brake away from the drum? That will help with synthetic line!

They are using a new pass through keyhole with a securing "puck"

There is a slot in the face of the drum. You pass the bitter end of the rope, wire or synthetic, through the pass thorugh, turn it back on itself (creating a bite in the rope) and pass the bitter end back through the same pass through slot. A steel puck with is oval/teardrop shaped is placed in the bite of the rope and then the working end pulled tight. the bite and the puck are sucked into the keyhole where they create a compression lock.

I'll post a picture soon

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