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Hello I have just just joined Expo, although have been a guest on several occasions. I spend my time between New Zealand and Australia. I have recently bought a HZJ79 Landcruiser set up for outback travel with a camper cabin on the rear. I have just completed a 1100 km trip on sealed highway ? very rough in places. I am concerned about the way the camper is mounted to the chassis, when driving on rough roads , if you look out the rear window the camper box is moving back and forth ,near the top , this tends to make the whole vehicle rough riding, kind of bucking and jumping. The camper is only mounted in 3 places, 2 at the front 1 at the rear.The mounts are like spring shackle bushes ( rubber bushes with bolt through the center). My thoughts are that this is allowing the camper to move way to much . I notice many large campers have 3 point mounts to allow for chassis flex , is this needed for smaller vehicles like the Landcruiser ? I am considering more mounts , maybe 2 at the rear and 1 each side 1/2 way between front and rear, any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks


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I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert on the matter, but. If you fix the camper to the chassis, there's a good chance you will warp the whole thing. It will probably not like moving with the chassis. I'd say stick with the 3 point system, but maybe beef it up a bit.
Sweet looking ride by the way, more pics!!
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Have you tried replacing those bushings? That alone, or possibly swapping to polyurethane may help. Cheap to try.


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What you are describing is a standard way to mount a camping cabin to higher dollar expedition rigs. It is possible that the bushings are worn if the LC has seen extensive corrugations, but they are designed to flex a lot, and independently from the chassis.

Some reading and searching in the two sub forums below will give you some more insight into this style of mount.

Great ute by the way, and welcome to ExPo!

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