Non OEM replacement headlights for 2nd gen 4runner


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Hella, IPF, Roundeyes are some manufacturers of H4/9003 style headlights. The 4Runner you have does not use anything special, standard 200mm rectangular headlights. Assuming that's what you mean, otherwise non-OE Sylvania sealed beams are available everywhere.


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Be sure to get something that will work with your lens. A lot of guys here in Alaska run around with blinding HID lights in the non-hid lens and it is a nightmare for other traffic.


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rickashay, that thread is not viewable unless you sign up. What is it?

BTW, clcoyle, I have Roger Brown's wiring harness. Works well, very happy with it. It has diodes that make it compatible with Toyota high beam indicators, which is somewhat of a unique circuit.


Thanks for the links and write up. I will upgrade both the light and wiring. Great tips. Thanks,

BTW, I linked to the E-code lights... European specs, which allow much less light above the horizon on low beams. In the EU, overhead highway signs are illuminated, so your headlights don't have to light them up. In the US, headlights shine more light above horizon to illuminate signs since they are typically not illuminated. You might want to get USA spec since EU are technically illegal, but research the difference to be an educated consumer.

I got the e-code because I wanted to run higher wattage lights, but frankly going to these lights from halogen is already about a 100% improvement in lighting and isn't necessary.

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