NZ Honeymoon October 18 - Nov4th


Flights were booked two days ago, so trying to knock out the planning.

I personally enjoy "winging it" and exploring/camping where the day takes us and the fiance likes structure, so it would be great to have something in between:) But this is not an ordinary overland weekend excursion or wheeling trip it our honeymoon so I want to make sure it's planned right.

We have roughly 15 days of actual time in NZ. Basic overview:

- Hit both main islands

starting out 11-12 days camping/exploring(maybe getting a hotel when we need a shower)

ending trip 3-4 days of relaxation

I do have a few questions:

- How are the rental campers? The fiance and I drove the ring road in Iceland last year and noticed the campers were pretty popular yet seemed like they had a bad vib because they didn't respect the land/tread lightly (pickup their ********). Is NZ running into that issue?

- are there any car rentals that have older car/trucks? I just prefer older vehicles

- Any places we have to hit? This is a once in a lifetime trip for us, if there is a place/restaurant/hike/hotspring please let me know.

- any advice is appreciated

below are some rental links (mainly my notes)

Most importantly:

pics of the current rig, currently modifying 2nd taco skids to fit



Congratulations . . :)

15 days seems a short time to do a tour . You could easily spend that time just in the South Island and just touch the high spots .

Yep , we have those camper vans here too . Very hated by many for the same reasons .

However , if you go for one of the off road hires , those are not normally recognized as a problem if you choose to park away from the urban areas .

I don't know any of the listed hires you show , but the Trekka adventures looks more realistic than some of the other very artistic displays of advertising .

Look up D.O.C sites for alternative low cost camping

Also , if you look at Shellie Evans blog , you will see some interesting places to visit .
We took 30 days and had to push hard to cover both islands. Everything takes longer to get to than you think. We did 6000+ kms. I suggest not trying to see it all. But enjoy exploring a few smaller areas. And get DOC map. Great way to find campsites.

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