*Off market* 2006 Ford E350 4x4 w/ manual transmission

Built by Fluffy

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Hello all, I've been a long lime lurker here learning as I've built and gone camping with my van. I find myself in the bittersweet need to part with her however.

The Basics: She's a 2006 Ford Econoline E-350 with the triton 5.4 V8, a MANUAL transmission, and 4wd. Just a tad over 49,100 miles on the clock besides the fact the transmission, axles and tcase are all reman/rebuilt during the 4x4 conversion (done at 38,000 miles). Located currently in White Sands, NM
I do plan on taking the kids on one last camping trip this weekend so she'll go up a tad more in miles.

UJOINT 4x4 conversion kit
Ford Dana 60 front end, rebuilt, 4.30 gears, Detroit Truetrac, Yukon locking hubs
Ford Sterling 10.5 rear axle swap, rebuilt, 4.30 gears, Detroit Truetrac
reman ZF-5 manual transmission, wide gear ratio
reman NV271 transfer case (purchased from UJOINT)
Fiberine 24" high top with windows, full inlayed wood
Interior built (cook-top, sink, bed platform, spray foam insulation, nothin to write home about but functional)
270 degree awning
Custom front and rear offroad bumpers, w/ tire carrier and cargo basket
SCT Performance Tune (also for manual swap, but makes her not California compliant)

The Good: She is insanely good offroad! Built to get my family out camping way out in the boonies and offroad exploring, she has excelled at both. The van has tackled plenty of trails in California, Arizona, and New Mexico without major issue (the Backway to Crown King for instance). Very fun, if heavy, trail vehicle. Camping is ok, front bench held our kids and I built a rear static bed platform with kitchenette, it allowed us to keep the baby seats in place while already having a bed made. Tight on the inside for 5 but park but pullout the camping chairs and firepit and you're good to go!

The 'needs work': I installed a rear gas tank but it still needs to be wired into the aux-button controller. It was also a basic van to begin with so it didn't have cruise control, I purchased an aftermarket kit but haven't installed it yet. There are scuffs and obvious signs of offroad use but no glaring mechanical issues that I'm aware of. Finally the interior is what you'd expect from a welder not an interior designer.

I have a build thread on the Overlandbound forums under the same username if you're interested in seeing the conversion in more detail

I don't want to see her go but as the family dynamic changes so must my priorities. She has definitely been an epic adventure-mobile and the manual has made her pretty unique and capable offroad.

Asking $47K, I think that's reasonable considering much higher mileage 4x4 converted vans go for as much but I'm always open to reasonable offers.


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I've seen this - in AZ, I believe - and it looked really nice.
You could sell your kids, and keep the van.
OK, maybe not...


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What scares me is that it is insanely good off road! :unsure: How would you know if it hadn't been insanely driven?

That's not bad at all for a 2016!

Built by Fluffy

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What scares me is that it is insanely good off road! :unsure: How would you know if it hadn't been insanely driven?

That's not bad at all for a 2016!
Addmitedly we've had some pucker moments going off camber, and the rock sliders are not just there for show, but I do mean she's good out on the trail. Honestly after this set up I don't think I'll do anything but Truetracs from now on

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