OFFICIAL: Jeep JL User's Guide and Owner's Manual Released!! With pics!


No JT Rubicon may take it out of the running for my next vehicle... hopefully it will show up a year or two down the line at worst.

I was also hoping for a noticeable increase in payload for the JL. Alas.

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Two thoughts on payload come to mind:
The current JK has a payload of about 800 lbs.
The JL will have a payload of over 1,200 lbs
The JT will be 1,400 lbs (that's 3/4s of a ton, which seems substantial in a "mid sized" truck)

The JT payload is not a whole lot more than a 4 door JK Rubicon, which makes me feel more comfortable with it's off-road abilities. :)

The reality of engineering and accounting colliding is, we don't get incredible payload, and off road prowess together. It is a compromise.
It seems the compromise for the JT biases it towards off road capability. :)

In comparison, according to Car and Driver "...the Maximum towing for the ZR2 is 5000 pounds, and the bed can accommodate 1100 pounds of whatever you like."
So this bodes well for the JT. Of course nothing is for certain until the mud meets the tires.


Jeep released some pictures for SEMA.

This one is my personal favorite:

It's like a JK with some slight mods and a much improved cage/windshield.


I am super stoked about the JT.
Payload is actually pretty good.
The Toyota tundras best payload rating is 1500 LBS.
The Tacoma (which is from the catagory that I would associate the JT with) has a maximum payload rating of 1350LBS (excluding 2wd model)
So 1400LBS is pretty decent.
Now if they make it with a 6'6" bed I'll be signing on the dotted line ...

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